Answers to questions from the ghost Horatio of Ni No Kuni the menace of the Ash Witch

Answers to questions from the ghost Horatio of Ni No Kuni the menace of the Ash Witch


Help to find the solution to the riddles of the ghost Horatio and unlock new spells for Oliver.

Playing at Ni No Kuni the Threat of the Ashen Witch sooner or later you will come across a strange ghost called Horatio (Horace in the English version) that appears at different points in the game world. Each time the ghost will challenge you with puzzles / riddles. By giving the correct answer Horatio will reward you with a new spell.

The difficulty lies in the fact that to answer the questions of the ghost no multiple choice answers are presented, but you are asked to type the correct answer directly, and this is where even the task of writing the guide becomes difficult.

Here we have played the English version of the game and I can confirm that the answers in the Anglo-Saxon language work. To avoid confusion, in the guide we provide the solutions of the riddles in English with the translation in Spanish alongside. If you have any requests or corrections to make to the answers please ask / contribute in the forum.

Before starting I remind you that giving the right answers to these questions will also help you unlock the Spell Master trophy.

Here is the list with the places where you can find Horatio, the questions, the answers to give and also some videos that show everything.

As already explained I have tested the answers in English in the English version of the game. Unfortunately we do not yet have all the answers in Spanish. Where available the answers in Spanish are highlighted in BLUE, otherwise only the answer in English is present. Also use videos to find out the right answer.


1. Where: Meet the spirit of Horatio in Gatmandu (Ding Dong Dell) near the castle entrance. Use the "Medium" spell that he himself will give you to talk to him. In this first meeting you will not have to give answers. After that, find Horatio in the following locations to receive new puzzles to solve.

2. Where: Muccakesh (Al Mamoon)
Question: Who was the third smallest?
Answer: Dragon of the West (ITA answer: Dragon of the West)

3. Dove: Porto Goa (Castaway Cove)
Question: open the abbeecedabra to the page entitled to the tools of magic and translate the script into
Answer: Finest Fiber (ITA answer: The best quality)

4. Where: Campo piè di Fata (The Fairyground)
Question: What is that special thing that absolutely cannot be missing in a burger?
Answer: Crispy Lettuce (ITA answer: Lettuce)

5. Dove: Piggsbruck (Hamelin)
Question: How many Automas-class creatures are depicted?
Answer: Five (ITA answer: Five)

6. Where: Neville (Yule)
Question: What are the flowers in front of me called?
Answer: Blizzard Bloom  (ITA answer: Ice fiord)

7. Where: Perdida
Question: Is there a certain character that appears in only one place, where?
Answer: Jabal al-Dukhan

8. Where: Ding Dong Dell
Question: Can you understand what it is?
Answer: Unleash

9. Dove: The Arch of Remembrance
Question: The robes they wore are described somewhere in that book, along with a warning! You have to know where it is!
Answer: Wizard's Robes (probable ITA answer: Magician's Clothes)

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