Batman Arkham Knight: 100% Completion Guide

How to complete 100% Batman Arkham Knight


It won't be easy, not even quick, but we will do it.

100% Completion Guide

The road to completing EVERYTHING there is in Batman Arkham Knight is a long and winding one. 100% completion will not only serve you to feel strong and badass, but also to unlock different achievements and trophies of the game and above all for see the secret ending of the story.

To complete everything 100% you will need to:

  • complete all main story;
  • find all the Riddler collectibles: these are the Trophies, the Riddles, the Destructible objects and of Rioting with Bomba. For more help, follow the guide to catching the Riddler in Batman Arkham Knight;
  • complete all the most wanted missions: there are 14 in total, if you have difficulty all you have to do is consult the solution to all the secondary missions of the most wanted in Batman Arkham Knight.

Remember that if you want, you can complete the story first and then do everything else afterward (which is highly recommended, as many of the Riddler's collectibles are inaccessible before the story ends).

Keep in mind that at the end of the game the "Knightfall Protocol" can be started even without completing everything 100%, in this case, however, you will see an alternative ending other than the best ending (true ending), as explained in the Batman Arkham ending guide Knight.

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