Curiosities and easter eggs

Titanfall Secrets and Easter Eggs [360-One-PC]


And Titanfall has its share of easter eggs too.

Curiosities and easter eggs

Reference to fanartist "Kodai"
In all likelihood, during the launch of the game, you too will have noticed a series of very inspired artwork spread by various means. These are works resulting from the work of a farart who responds to the name of Kodai. The developers wanted to thank him by inserting a poster dedicated to him in one of the maps (Angel City). Watch it in the video along with some of the artist's sketches.

Boba Fett
Apparently the helmet of the Titanfall pilots is inspired nietepopòdimenoche by the legendary Boba Fett from Star Wars. Watch the comparison video below and get your own idea

The monster of Lockness
It won't be quite what you expect, but more or less we are there ...

Riferimento a Plants Vs Zombie
What do these little drawings scattered throughout some levels of Titanfall remind you of?

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