Dead Island Riptide: all the easter eggs, secrets and glitches

Dead Island Riptide: all the easter eggs, secrets and glitches


Let's find out all the secrets, easter eggs and other curiosities hidden by the developers in Dead Island Riptide.

I am Legend ... who are you?
Have you seen "I am Legend" starring Will Smith? If you haven't seen it yet, I'd like to know why you're reading an article about Dead Island Riptide's ester eggs, but if you haven't missed this movie you won't struggle to find strong similarities between the film and what you can find in the game. Go to Panai Ferry Station, then head to the small pier on the beach. At the entrance to the catwalk you will find a car that is very reminiscent of the one in the film, while at the bottom you will notice a table with a radio and a golf club. Yes, it is a reference to the film "I am a legend". Here is a video that shows it all

Reference to Borderlands
Go to Halai Village where, among the many, you will have to find one of the huts placed on the perimeter of the whole. This is different from the others because, going to the back, in the water, you will find a sort of air intake that allows you to access a dead zone. Inside is a crate with a notice that appears to ask not to open the crate. You obviously will do it by blowing up a weird baby / dwarf zombie (and quite pampajones-smashing too). Those who have played the various Borderlands will notice the similarity with what happens in the Gearbox title. Here is a video that shows it all

Don't write your face with a marker, you idiot.
In the military base, but also in other parts of the game, you will notice white boards with different writings on them. Notice what is written in the lower right corner "Keep the marker away from face". Was it the islanders who were too stupid, or can the Zombies read? This is one of the mysteries that we will take unsolved into the grave. Watch the video

XP and Infinite Money
A method for farming XP and money has also been found in this game. Obviously we have a guide dedicated to the subject, do not miss it if you want to maximize your zombie-slicing arsenal.

Glitch for doubling weapons and items
Anything in your inventory can be duplicated indefinitely by using the glitch to duplicate items from Dead Island Riptide.

With that it should be all. If you have discovered other easter eggs, all you have to do is report them in the comments or in our forum.

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