Dead Space 3 - How to Use Seeker Bots [360-PS3-PC]

Dead Space 3 - How to Use Seeker Bots [360-PS3-PC]


Seeker robots are one of the novelties presented in Dead Space 3. Let's see how to make the most of them to get lots of resources.

You will get a seeker robot in chapter 5 where a tutorial will also start that quickly shows how to use them. They basically equip themselves as a weapon (you'll find it in the slot above) and then land themselves using the keys to aim and shoot.

To make the most of them and accumulate resources thanks to their help, you need to use radar. Equip it and pay attention to the semicircles that appear on the screen: these will show you the direction to follow to get to the areas where the robot will be able to find a greater amount of resources. You will know that you have reached an optimal point when the semicircles become complete circles, as shown in the video below:

When you have found a good spot, equip the seeker robot and place it on the ground. He will begin to accumulate resources for you, but remember to carefully choose the point where you throw him, because once he is placed on the ground you will no longer be able to take the robot back, but you will find it on a work table anyway not before about 10 have passed. minutes.

Before closing, since we are talking about accumulating resources, I suggest you also consult the guide to obtain XP and resources in large quantities, the trick explained in the guide also applies to robots. Find this guide together with all the others dedicated to the game, in the Dead Space 3 cheat sheet.


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