Dead Space 3 - Trophy List + Secret Trophies [PS3]

Dead Space 3 - Trophy List + Secret Trophies [PS3]


Here is the list of Trophies for Playstation 3 of Dead Space 3

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum



On my level
Complete the game on any difficulty level.
The explorer
Complete all optional missions.
Weapon collector
Obtain all weapon components.
Il professore
Collect all artifacts.
The librarian
Collect all logs.
The Gunsmith
Collect all the circuits.
My friend
Retrieve resources from a prospecting robot at a terminal.
Metal detector
Successfully dispatch seeker robots to 15 resource areas.
The blacksmith
Create a weapon.
Circuit Wizard
Add a circuit to a weapon.
First line doctor
Make a large med kit.
All busy
Create a weapon with 2 tools, tips and couplings with all circuit slots occupied.
Supreme project
Create a project that requires at least 2000 component and circuit resources to build.
Guardian angel
Save your co-op partner from execution by taking out his attacker.
Share and conquer
Use the RIG to give an item to your co-op partner.
Is there a doctor?
Revive your co-op partner 10 times.
The Architect
Share a project with your co-op partner.
Leave them!
Kill 30 enemies with axes.
Kill a soldier by sending back a grenade or rocket with telekinesis.
Aim for the limbs!
Dismember 500 limbs of enemies still alive.
Dismember 1000 limbs of enemies still alive.
Slow motion
Kill 50 enemies while in stasis.
Kill 30 enemies with blast damage.
Kill 30 soldiers with headshots.
Personal matter
Kill 30 enemies with melee attacks or a melee weapon component.
Loses acid
Dissolve 50 enemies with acid.
The electric lawnmower
Kill 30 enemies with an electrified cutter blade.
Cure intensive
Use quick cure on yourself 20 times.
Epic Level 4 Technician
Complete the game in Classic mode.
Complete the game in Survival mode.
Peng is forever!
Find Peng.
Fully upgrade your RIG.
Ghosts of the past
Face off against all of Carver's demons by completing all optional missions playable only in co-op.
Complete the game in Extreme mode.
The new world
Collect all trophies.


Dead Space 3 Secret Trophies

Stranger in a foreign land
Complete the Prologue.
Space Odyssey
Survive your first spacewalk.
Critical mass
Retrieve the shuttle.
Crash in the snow
Reach Tau Volantis.
Kill the snow beast.
As a single being
Reassemble Rosetta.
Hell machine
Get to the alien machine.
The hunter
Shoot the deer head trophy in the admiral's quarters.
Space ace
Shoot at least 70 targets on the way to Tau Volantis.
How hungry
Make your way to the pump room at the intermediate stop without alerting any devourers.
Complete the drill room without taking damage.
Collect all alien artifacts.
Close encounters
Kill 10 necromorphic aliens.
Intestinal strength
Defeat the supreme mind.
Kill 5 cysts in the biological analysis facility with a single poison gas cloud.
Aim for the Moon
Annihilate the Moon.

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