Demon's Souls - Complete Guide to Miracles and Magic

Here we are at the usual appointment with the guides of our favorite games: Demon's Souls Remake it can be tedious if we don't know where or how to get what we want. Finding all the magic and miracles will allow you (as well as being very strong !!!) to unlock the trophy Essay and Santo of the work of Bluepoint games.

Hoping that the guide will be useful to you, we refer you to our specific section of Demon's Souls, containing new insights on the title.

Before leaving you to the text, we remind you that in the following lines you may find some major or minor spoilers on Demon's Souls, regarding some playful sections and the narrative sector. We therefore advise you to continue carefully before completing the game in its entirety.

In the game you will have to save 3 NPCs in order to access their inventories and make you sell what they have to offer. Remember: you can only get one miracle and one magic per game using the rare souls of the bosses, so these trophies will be completed within three full games from the beginning to the end of the title.

Saving the NPCs:

To save San Urbino (Saint Urbain) will ask you to access the second area of ​​the Shrine of Storms, reach the bottom of the area where the Grim Reaper is and go up the stairs after him. Here, Patches The Hyena he will kick you and when you fall you will find yourself in a kind of small arena and here you will find San Urbino, essential for having all the miracles of the game.
Save the Wise Freke the Visionary - You'll find it in the Prison of Hope, locked up in one of the cells. In the area immediately before the Idol of the Fool's Idol that you will have to kill to make the Idol vulnerable, there will be one Special Key. With the key you can open the cell of the Sage Freke (Sage Freke the Visionary).

Save the Witch Yuria - When you have unlocked the third area of ​​the Boletaria Palace, go ahead and kill both Fat Officials, they look like fat clowns and will often laugh at you. This will guarantee you Iron Ring of Keys and Official's Cap. With these items, return to the area immediately before the Tower Knight and open the green door on the right. Here you can also save Biorr. You will find a third Fat Officer who once killed will give you the Blood Key (Bloody Key), with the key you will open a door who will lead you to the stairs and here you will need the Officer's Hat to unlock a gate and access the next area: Defeat another officer, take off your hat and save Yuria the Witch.

The Following Bosses are required for both trophies, it is indicated next to the name of each soul, how many times you will need it, in this way at each game you can decide how to use a single soul, compared to another:
Storm Demon's Soul - Storm King - Once
Yellow Demon's Soul - Old Monk - Three Times
Wriggling Demon's Soul - Leechmonger - Twice
Dragon Demon's Soul - Dragon God - Thrice
Swollen Demon's Soul - Adjudicator - Once
Pureblood Demon's Soul - Maiden Astraea - Thrice
Hero Demon's Soul - Old Hero - Once
Eroded Demon's Soul - Dirty Colossus - Once
Hard Demon's Soul - Armor Spider - Twice
Silver Demon's Soul - Penetrator - Twice
Doll Demon's Soul - Fool's Idol - Once upon a time
Iron Demon's Soul - Tower Knight - Once

You will need three Colorless Demon Souls (Colorless Demon's Souls) that will be given to you by the three respective Primordial Demons that only appear when the World Tendency is completely Dark. One appears in the Boletaria Palace, in the place where you found the Officer's Hat. Another is located in the Pietrartiglio mines, immediately after one of the elevators. The third appears in the swamp of the Torre di Latria, to support it has a huge centipede.


The following miracles can be safely purchased from the Master in the Nexus:

  • Antidote: 3000 Souls
  • Evacuation: 20000 Souls
  • Heal: 5000 Souls
  • Hidden Soul: 3000 Souls

For these, you will need San Urbino and the souls of the Bosses that we have indicated above

  • Anti-Magic Field with Storm Demon's Soul (Storm King)
  • Banish with Yellow Demon's Soul (Old Monk)
  • Cure with Wriggling Demon's Soul (Leechmonger)
  • God's Wrath with Dragon Demon's Soul (Dragon God)
  • Recovery with 3 Colorless Demon's Souls (Primeval Demons)
  • Regeneration with Swollen Demon's Soul (Adjudicator)
  • Resurrection with Pureblood Demon's Soul (Maiden Astraea)
  • Second Chance with Hero Demon's Soul (Old Hero)


The Teacher in the Nexus sells the following spells:

  • Cloak: 500 Souls
  • Demon's Prank: 500 Souls
  • Flame Toss: 1000 Souls
  • Enchant Weapon: 5000 Souls
  • Protection: 5000 Souls
  • Soul Arrow: 1000 Souls
  • Water Veil: 500 Souls

For the following, instead, contact Freke the Wise, always warning you of the souls of the Bosses:

  • Acid Cloud with Eroded Demon's Soul (Dirty Colossus)
  • Death Cloud with Pureblood Demon's Soul (Maiden Astraea)
  • Fireball with Dragon Demon's Soul (Dragon God)
  • Fire Spray with Hard Demon's Soul (Armor Spider)
  • Homing Soul Arrow with Yellow Demon's Soul (Old Monk)
  • Light Weapon with Silver Demon's Soul (Penetrator)
  • Poison Cloud with Wriggling Demon's Soul (Leechmonger)
  • Soul Ray with Doll Demon's Soul (Fool's Idol)
  • Warding with Iron Demon's Soul (Tower Knight)

Last but not least, the magic of the Witch Yuria:

  • Cursed Weapon with Silver Demon's Soul (Penetrator)
  • Firestorm with Dragon Demon's Soul (Dragon God)
  • Ignite with Hard Demon's Soul (Armor Spider)
  • Relief with Pureblood Demon's Soul (Maiden Astraea)
  • Soulsucker with Maiden In Black Demon's Soul (don't kill Maiden in Black at the end of the game)
  • Soul Thirst with Yellow Demon's Soul (Old Monk)

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