Diablo 3: guide and solution to the most common installation errors

Diablo 3: guide and solution to the most common installation errors


We're almost there, gentlemen. In a few hours one of the most anticipated sequels ever, Diablo 3, will begin to be installed on the PCs of millions of players around the globe.

Everything must be ready and in fact we have already prepared the guide with everything you need to start playing.

The unexpected, however, is always around the corner and to avoid being caught unprepared here is the guide to installation errors most common with the solution to solve them or avoid them.

Based on the error message received or the "symptoms" encountered, try to understand the nature of the problem that blocks the installation or prevents it from completing correctly.


If you have found and solved a problem not listed below, please report it in the comments at the end of the article, you will give your contribution to improve it and help even more people.


1) Participation in the Beta
If you have participated in the beta, remember to uninstall the beta client first and then install the full game.

2) Update installation file
If you are stuck at this point, follow the guide dedicated to this problem.

3) Install using an Administrator account
Make sure you are logged into your PC with an account with Administrator privileges before starting the installation. If your account (that of the PC) does not have Administrator privileges, the installation of Diablo 3 could be prevented or compromised. Accounts can be managed from the PC Control Panel (look for the Users tab).

4) Run the installation file as Administrator
Usually this foresight is enough to avoid all the problems related to the Administrator privileges mentioned in point 2) of this guide. It is important to start the game installation in this way: click on the executable / installer with the right mouse button and then choose "Run as administrator". 

5) Problems with the Battle.net Update Agent
Problems with the support program may prevent Diablo 3 from installing or updating correctly. If you notice that the installation stops, or you receive Agent errors, try the following:

- stop the installation
- make sure that Agent.exe does NOT appear in the list of active processes in the Task Manager
- restart the installation

if this does not solve the problem, delete the folder Battle.net which should be in C: ProgramDataBattle.net and then repeat the installation. If you have trouble finding the Battle.net folder, remember that it can be found in hidden folders, so change your PC settings to make hidden files and folders visible as well.

6) Interference from anti-virus or firewall programs
These programs running on your PC could create problems when installing Diablo 3 because some tend to confuse some installation files as threats and thus block them causing problems. Disabling these programs may be the solution to your installation problem.

7) Programs and applications in the background
Close all programs and other applications running on your PC that are not necessary as these processes could interfere with the installation and prevent it from completing correctly.

8) Integrity of the DVD
In case you have the boxed version with DVD of the game, check that there are no scratches or damages.

9) Rare cases
The following are cases that occur rarely and are probably not the cause of your problem, we report them for completeness.
The installation may give errors due to excessive fragmentation of the data on your hard disk, trying to perform a defragmentation could bring some results. Even the presence of Viruses or Malware on the PC in some cases can generate errors, update the antivirus and run a scan.




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