Diablo 3 - Guide to Finding and Recruiting Followers

Diablo 3 - Guide to Finding and Recruiting Followers


Diablo 3 like the previous chapters of the series it is certainly not meant to be played alone. But Blizzard also offers a solution for lone wolves who have no friends available to face the wastes of Sanctuary. In Diablo 3, there are three unique followers available to help you survive the hordes of opponents hidden in the dark dungeons. Each comes with their own set of skills and special powers that will help your hero stay alive.

In this guide we see which are the places and the quests where it is possible find to have the Followers join you, or maybe we should say "some" of the possible places, since in Diablo 3 everything seems to be random.

Remember that you can only have one follower at a time, so consider your choice carefully. Each minion has different abilities to suit whatever class or play style you play, but the skill types of each are quite different.

For example, the Enchantress can learn to create illusions to deflect enemy fire. The Templar can acquire the ability to intimidate his enemies and slow them down as they come close to battle. The villain can learn to use blinding powder to distract the target or make it easier to hit. Think before you choose.


The Templar

    * Location: Act 1 - Cathedral Level 3
    * Quest: Kingdom of the Black King

   1. In the quest in the Cathedral, after reaching the third level, you will encounter a group of Dark Cultists. To stop them, kill the cultists in the center of the circle and free the Templar they had imprisoned.
   2. Now that the Templar is free, talk to him and take him to the chest that contains his equipment. He will offer to help kill Jondar. Go down the stairs and he will help you defeat him.
   3. With the mini boss out of action, the Templar will offer to join you as a follower. Accept and he will return to Tristram where you can recruit him by paying gold.

The Rogue

     * Location: Act 1 - The Fields of Misery
     * Quest: The Broken Blade

    1. During this quest, you will be joined by Leah in the Fields of Misery going to the Drowned Temple. On the way, you will meet the villain.
    2. Talk to the man on the way, and he will lead you to a locked gate of a previously blocked area. Fix up the Brigands, including their leader Nigel. You will get a reward for your quest from the farmer's daughter, and the Rogue will offer to join.
    3. Take it with you or refuse. If you accept he will return to Tristram where you can enlist him at any time.

The Enchantress

* Location: Act 2 - Howling Plateau
* Quest: Shadows in the Desert

    1. As soon as you reach Sundered Canyon, you will be able to speak to the Enchantress. By talking to her she will become a temporary ally and will help you along the way to the Black Canyon Bridge.
    2. Fight through Sundered Canyon, defeating Wasps and the other creatures, until you reach a dead end in the canyon that isn't actually a dead end street.
    3. Get over the cultists' ambush and talk to the Enchantress again, she will reveal a hidden illusion, but you still have more work to do. Take the Enchantress with you to clear two areas of Howling Plateau.
    4. Once the Secret Conclave and Hidden Altar are set up along with the magic within, you will be able to travel to the Black Canyon Bridge which is located in the northern part of Howling Plateau.
    5. Talk to the Enchantress one last time to finish the mission, then she will propose to help you on your mission. He will then return to Camp Hidden, where you will also find the Rogue and the Templar, each of which can be hired as a follower for a fee in gold.

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