Dirt 3 - Complete Trophy Guide [PS3]

Dirt 3 - Complete Trophy Guide [PS3]

The complete solution to unlock all Trophies


Here is the complete guide of Resources4gaming.com with tips and video-guides to unlock them all the Trophies of Dirt 3


  • 38 results Offline - 12 results Online
  • Unless expressly indicated otherwise, you can play on any difficulty to get the result.
  • For online achievements that can be Boosted together with friends, use our Friends Finder


Subzero hero
Conquer a podium in the Winter X Games tournament 
At the end of Season 3 you will be able to participate in the Winter X Games tournament. You have to finish in the top three in the tournament final. It is advisable to finish first in view of other achievements to unlock.


Evolution of rallies
Win DiRT Tour races with rally cars from every decade 

You have to complete a race using cars belonging to each of the different vehicle classes in the game. You can find them all in the first season, they are the following:

  • 60s
  • 70s
  • 80s
  • 90s
  • S2000s


Growing talent
Reach Pilot Reputation Level 10 
See tips for "Eat my dust"


Go like this!
Reach Pilot Reputation Level 20 
See tips for "Eat my dust"


Eat my dust!
Reach Pilot Reputation Level 30
The Driver Reputation level is the one indicated in the blue circle at the end of each race. This level rises based on your performance in Dirt Tour races and online races. You should unlock the result after completing the Dirt Tour and doing some online races.


Self-preservation company
Win a race using the Mini Cooper without taking any damage 

In the second race of the Rockstar Transworld Clash (season 1) you will have the opportunity to use the legendary Mini Cooper. You have to win the race without damaging the car, so set the difficulty to a minimum and use flashbacks if necessary.

The result will be unlocked in the loading screen after the end of the race.


Not joking
Win a rally in the DiRT Tour using the inside view with the HUD turned off 
Remember that you can set the difficulty to a minimum. Go to the options and completely deactivate the HUD, then in the race you have to use the inside view for the entire race. It is important to have selected the internal view before the end of the countdown to the start of the race. To be sure, select the interior view from the previous race.


Californian dreams
Conquer a podium in the X Games tournament 
At the end of Season 2 you will be able to participate in the X Games tournament. You have to finish in the top 3 in the tournament final. It is advisable to finish first in view of other achievements to unlock.


Passionate about Gymkhana
Complete all Gymkhana Championships in the DiRT Tour 
No particular placements are required and there are no restrictions on the difficulty to be set. You simply have to complete them and you will unlock the achievement.


SuperSeries Champion
Win the DC SuperSeries Championship
This is the final event placed at the end of Season 4 and therefore at the end of the Dirt Tour. You have to win enough races in previous seasons to get to unlock this event, and then you have to win it by finishing first. Again the difficulty and the flashbacks used do not affect, remember this if you have trouble winning.


Glorioso DiRT
Earn victories in all DiRT Tour events 

You have to finish first in all the Dirt Tour events, quite challenging as a result to achieve.

The events are grouped into different competitions within each season. When you finish first in all events of a competition the triangle of that competition will turn golden. Do this for all 4 seasons of the Dirt Tour and 6 World Tour Championships to unlock the result.

For this result NO DC Challenges are taken into account, in fact the triangle turns golden even if you have not won the DC Challenges.
Difficulty doesn't matter, so if you're having trouble winning an event, set it to low and use flashbacks.


World fame
Win races and pass the DC Challenge in a World Tour event 
In one of the World Tour Championships (which start to be available after getting advanced enough in the Dirt Tour) you must win all the races and get at least bronze in one of the DC Challenges of the same World Tour.


Air miles
Win at least one race in each location 

Here is the list of locations where you will have to win at least once (in brackets the races in which you will run for the first time in these places are indicated)

Finland (Season 1 - Alpine Trophystars - Event 1)
Michigan (Season 4 - Repsol Masters Championship - Event 1)
Kenya (Season 1 - Alpine Trophystars - Event 3)
Norway (Season 2 - Osiris Offroad Rush - Event 1)
Aspen (Season 1- Brembo Blast - Event 1)
THE Coliseum (Season 2 - X-Games - Event 1)
Monaco (Season 2 - Osiris Offroad Rush - Event 3)
Smelter (Season 1 - Alpine Trophystars - Event 2)


Driving school
Complete the tutorials in the Gymkhana Academy 
The Gymkhana Academy tutorials are unlocked after completing several events in Season 1. To get this achievement you just need to get Bronze in all tutorials, but it is advisable to aim for platinum in order to unlock the "Teachings" achievement as well.


Get the platinum medal in all Gymkhana tutorials 

One of the most difficult results of the game. The password is to try and try again, until you are familiar with it. When you start thinking it's impossible, watch the video below.

The video shows how to get Platinum in all the events listed below (the minute of the video where you find the event is indicated in brackets)

  • Try Smash (0:07 minutes)
  • Air test (1:02 minute)
  • Try Drift (1:48 minute)
  • Try Spin (3:05 minutes)
  • Try Donut (4:19 minutes)

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Off with the wheels!
Win a podium in the Gymkhana Academy 
After completing all the Gymkhana tutorials you will participate in the final event of the Gymkhana Academy. You will have to get at least a bronze which is not difficult at all, personally I managed it on the second attempt.


Complete 5 Bonus Race Objectives 
See the suggestions for the result "A little bit more"


A little bit more'
Complete 25 Bonus Race Objectives 

In each race you are given the opportunity to complete bonus objectives (such as reaching certain speed thresholds, or performing drift and so on) that will earn you some extra experience. Each race has only one bonus objective which is indicated both in the pre-race menu but also during the event if you pause the game.

When you reach the goal, a message will appear on the screen that will make you notice it.

To get the result you have to complete the objective in 25 different races


Complete your first DiRT Tour race 
It will be the first result you will get. Just complete a race on the Dirt Tour to unlock it.


I don't need help
Win a DiRT Tour race without using driving aids 

You must win a race by setting all driving aids to NO.

You can set the difficulty to a minimum and the damage to "view only", you can also use the HUD and any view, the important thing is to have all aids turned off.


Win DiRT Tour races using cars from each discipline

You must win at least one race in each of the 6 disciplines in the game. Here are what they are with the related events in which you will find them for the first time:

  • Rally - Season 1 - Alpinestars Trophy - Event 1
  • Rally X - Season 1 - Alpinestars Trophy - Event 2
  • Head2Head - Season 1 - Alpinestars Trophy - Event 4
  • Land Rush - Season 1 - Brembo Blast - Event 2
  • Gymkhana - Season 1 - Gymkhana Academy - Event 6
  • Trail Blazer - Season 2 - Osiris Offroad Rush - Event 2


Right pace
Complete time trials using cars from all Rally classes 

The classes of the cars are as follows:

  • Open
  • S2000
  • 90s
  • group B
  • 80s
  • 70s
  • 60s
  • Raid
  • For


To do this first you can go to Single Player mode, select Time Trial and use cars belonging to these classes one after the other. To do it first you can do it in the "Crocodile Point" track which is the shortest in the game.


Proof of everything
Win after using a flashback when the car was wrecked 
First of all in the options before the race set the damage to Real. Then bump into a tree or any other obstacle hard enough to destroy the machine at full speed. Now use a flashback to go back and avoid the accident, then win the race to unlock the result.


Call me ace!
Get the most out of all kinds of stunts in a Gymkhana championship event

To achieve this you must play the Gymkhana championship in the Season 2 X-Games. In the event you must get all 3 triangles (i.e. the maximum) in all the stunts which are:

  • Drift
  • Smash
  • Air
  • Donut
  • Spin


Forecast for today ... victory!
Win in all kinds of weather

Here are all the weather conditions present in the game:

Morning, Clear
Evening, Clear

Personally I got it in the Dirt Tour without even wanting to (the important thing is to always win), but in the single player mode there is also the possibility to select the type of weather.


The road that awaits us
Complete 25 Multiplayer matches (Pro Tour or Jam Session) 
Your placement is not important, the important thing is to complete the races.


Get the trophy
Win 10 Multiplayer matches (Pro Tour or Jam Session) 
If you can't win by playing alone, I recommend that you participate in team matches. In doing so, in fact, for a purely statistical fact, you will have more chances of winning (1 out of 2) than when you play alone against 7 opponents (1 out of 8). It will not be difficult to reach 10 victories.


Driver of honor
Take part in a multiplayer race by driving safely

You have to play an online race avoiding damage to your car but also to the cars of your opponents.

This result can be boosted together with a friend, for example by playing a Rally Cross race and being careful not to damage the car.

To find friends with whom to boost the results, use our Friends Finder at this address

Friends Finder from Resources4gaming.com


Steering wheel hunter
Complete a game of Invasion avoiding negative points (Pro Tour) 
In this mode, negative points are awarded when you hit buildings. If you want to unlock it quickly, I therefore recommend that you sit in a corner and wait for the game to end, in this way you will avoid the risk of accidentally hitting the buildings.


Travel by car
Complete a Joyride with at least 3 players 

To achieve this, you need to complete a 20-minute Joyride online with 3 other people. Go to Multiplayer and select Jam Session, then choose Joyride mode. You have to play from start to finish together with 3 other people.

To find friends with whom to unlock this achievement, use our Friends Finder at this address

 Friends Finder from Resources4gaming.com


The professionist
Complete your first Pro Tour race in Multiplayer mode. 
Go to Multiplayer, select Online mode and choose any mode. Complete the race to get the result.



Join the group
Win a match in any group mode (Pro Tour or Jam Session) 

The group modes in which you must win at least one match are as follows:

Cat and mouse

I always recommend playing team games, where it is easier to win.


King of the road
Win a multiplayer race in Champion mode 
It is not easy to win in this mode. The only advice is to look for games with few players, to increase your chances of winning. Try until you succeed, it just takes a win.


Win enough fans to become a Superstar 

This is one of the hardest and longest achievements in the game. To unlock it, you need to reach level 35 in online mode, which means you need to reach 250.000 fans.

First of all it is strongly recommended to unlock the "Honor Driver" result. After doing this you will notice a white hexagon next to your name, this status will allow you to earn 20% more fans every time.

Obviously, winning earns more REP and fans, so, as with other online results where winning is required, I recommend playing team games where the odds of winning are obviously much higher. Try to play single-round games, as additional rounds will only waste time and earn you the same REP over and over. Keep in mind that the threshold to reach is quite high, in fact you will need from 250 to 350 online games (depending on the placement) to unlock the result.


No way!
Survive an Outbreak phase while avoiding contagion (Pro Tour or Jam Session) 
Play Outbreak Online Mode. Look for a good place to hide to wait for the time to run until the end of the game. However, keep a good escape route, in case some infected should point you.


As a mouse in a Cat 'n' Mouse match, lead your team to victory (Jam Session) 
You will be in the role of mouse when you drive the Mini Cooper S (even if you have selected another car). Now you have to finish first, avoiding the cats of the opposing team.


In a match Transporter steals the flag at least 5 times (Pro Tour) 
A good tactic is to throw yourself into the pack even when you have the flag. In this way the flag will pass between one player and another and you will have more chances to steal it 5 times.


Sunday excursion
Complete 25% of Battersea Compound missions
See the suggestions for the result "All Battersea"


Complete 50% of Battersea Compound missions 
See the suggestions for the result "All Battersea"


Burnt tires
Complete 75% of Battersea Compound missions 
See the suggestions for the result "All Battersea"


All of Battersea
Complete 100% of Battersea Compound missions 

We have dedicated a guide to achieving this result, follow the link

Guide to 100% complete Battersea Compound missions


Perfect shot
Perform a perfect performance in the DC Gymkhana Sprint challenge 
You must complete the Season 01 "Gymkhana Sprint 2" DC Challenge without hitting any obstacles. Follow the video
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Score 25.000 points in the DC Drift Showcase Challenge 
It must be unlocked in Season 1, within the Rockstar Transworld Clash, Drift Showcase 02 event. You will not have big problems unlocking it, however here is a demonstration video
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DC challenger
Complete all DC Challenges
See the suggestions for the result "Performance to be framed"


DC silver
Earn all silver medals in DC Challenges 
See the suggestions for the result "Performance to be framed"


Gold DC
Earn all gold medals in DC Challenges 
10 G
See the suggestions for the result "Performance to be framed"


Performance to be framed
Earn all Platinum Medals in DC Challenges

It won't be easy to get Platinum in all DC Challenges. To see how you can do it in each of the 26 DC Challenges, rely on the dedicated guide accessible from the following link

Guide to Platinum in all DC Challenges


Get 500.000 points in a Gymkhana event 
You will have the first chance to unlock this achievement in the final event which unlocks after completing the Gymkhana tutorials in Season 1. Reach the 3X multiplier and always switch stunts to earn lots of points. Look at the example in the video.
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Beat the sled in the Norway Speed ​​Run DC Challenge 
The Speed ​​Run DC Challenge is found in the Winter X Games within Season 3. To unlock the achievement, you basically need to get platinum in this challenge. The race must be perfect, follow the video and use it as an example.
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No-bot war
Destroy all the robots in the DC Smash Attack challenge  
You will find the first DC Smash Attack challenge in Season 2. Hit ALL the robots (32 in total) within the time limit and NO hit no building. Follow the video and try to repeat the same movements.
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