Drive to enter the Railroad

Fallout 4: Guide to Join the Railroad, "Road to Freedom" puzzle solution


Let's see how to join one of the factions in Fallout 4!

Drive to enter the Railroad

To join the Railroad faction you will need to first of all find out where their headquarters is and find the login password.

To do this you will have to start the mission called "Road to Freedom". To activate this mission you will need to start find the first clues by eavesdropping on the speeches of some characters. The quickest way to do this is to find the two characters talking about the Railroad as soon as you arrive in Diamond City. You will recognize them easily because they are in a narrow alley and one of them is welding a tupo. Stopping to overhear their speech will start the Road to Freedom mission, which will then take you to Park Street Station.

Once you reach the indicated place, you will have two possibilities: follow the normal progress of the mission that will gradually lead you to discover the various pieces of the password or go directly to Old North Church where in the basement you can directly enter the RAILROAD password to enter.

Once inside you will have to talk to Deacon who will entrust you with the mission "The Art of Espionage". Complete this mission to actually enter the Railroad. All shown in this video:

As with the other factions, even in the Railroad after entering you can complete the optional missions offered by the faction.


If you complete particular missions for other factions, the Railroad will become hostile towards you. In particular, this will happen if you complete the "The end of the line" mission for the Institute faction or if you accept the "Tactical Thinking" mission for the Brotherhood of Steel.

If you want to complete all the missions of all the factions to unlock the related achievements and trophies, I therefore recommend doing a manual save before the "The End of the line" mission so that you can go back after completing the Institute missions and have still the chance to join the Railroad.

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