Fallout 4: ALL Cheat Codes [PC]

Fallout 4: ALL Cheat Codes [PC]


Here are the tricks to use on Fallout 4, obviously for PC.

As per tradition, Bethesda has provided PC users with a series of cheats to be activated by playing, in this case in Fallout 4.

As always, the tricks must be entered in the command console that opens with the tilde, that is this symbol ~ which is obtained with the key combination ALT + 126.

Then enter the cheat codes you find in the following list to activate the related cheats, such as infinite life (invincibility or God mode), infinite ammunition or to immediately unlock different weapons:

Gampelay tricks

Tgm - God Mode (infinite ammo, infinite life, etc.)

Tcl - Enable / disable NoClip mode

Tai - Disable / re-enable PNG artificial intelligence

Tcai - Disable / re-enable PNG combat AI

Kill - Kill the selected target

KillAll - Kill all NPCs in the area

tmm 1 - Shows all markers on the map

Unlock - Unlock the selected door or terminal

Tfc - Enable free camera

player.additem [item code] [#] - Add an item from the inventory in the desired quantity

player.placeatme [object code] - Invoke an object or NPC

Weapon Tricks

Minigun - 0001F669

Fat Man Mini-Nuke Launcher - 000BD56F

Cryolator - 00171B2B

Deliverer - 000DC8E7

Ammo tricks

5mm Rounds - 0001F66C

Cryo Cell - 0018ABE2

Mini-Nukes - 000E6B2E

Tricks items

Stimpak - 00023736

Rad Away – 00023742

Bottlecap - 0000000F

Fusion Core - 00075FE4

Nuka-Cola Quantum - 0004835F

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