FIFA Street - Trophy List [PS3]

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FIFA Street - Trophy List [PS3]

Here is the list of Trophies for Playstation 3 of Fifa street

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum

Cuckoo the ball is gone
Run your first tunnel to damage an opponent
Geometry applied to football
Score a goal by bouncing the ball against the wall.
Ultimate humiliation
Score a goal with a tunnel.
When do we arrive?
Access the World Tour map screen for the first time
New champion
Win a World Tour tournament for the first time
Regional road champion
Win stage 1 of the World Tour
Challenge the pros
Win a street challenge against a real club team in stage 4 of the World Tour
Local heroes
Win the final national tournament with at least 8 created players on your team
I bring popcorn
Win a tournament with a local co-op player
Is the party here?
Unlock the exultation of a created player and perform it in the match
Shopping freak
Wear an unlocked item in any game mode
Online fanatic
Win a 5v5, 6v6 and 5-a-side football match online
I have evidence
Send a saved video
Budding director
Watch a video posted by a friend of yours
Make new friends
Add a new Friend using the Friend Recommend feature
Film on air
Watch a gameplay tutorial movie
Attacking goalkeeper!
Score a goal using the goalkeeper
Entertainment master
Earn at least 1.500 style points without losing the ball.
In any game mode, win a match / event on 50% of the fields
National road champion
Win stage 2 of the World Tour
European champion
Win stage 3 of the World Tour
World Tour
Win an online World Tour tournament
Street legend
Beat Messi in a street challenge
Super heroes
You must have a team with at least 8 created players of level 50 or higher
Milestone in career
Score 100 goals with your created player in any game mode
Earn 100.000 style points with your crafted player in any game mode
Show attributes
Fully upgrade one of your created player's attributes
Give the show
Unlock 10 moves for a created player
Earn promotion to the next division in a Street Season
Online sample
Win any online cup
In any game mode, win a match / event on all courts
World Champion
Win stage 4 of the World Tour
5-resource player
Upgrade max 5 attributes of a created player
Online domain
Win all 9 online cups
Total road dominance
Collect all FIFA Street Trophies

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