Giuida Trofeo / Objective "The archivist"

Alien Isolation Nostromo Message Guide [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


We go on a hunt for collectibles in Alien Isolation, we find all the messages of the Nostromo.

Giuida Trofeo / Objective "The archivist"

In Alien Isolation there are in total 10 messages from the Boatswain and we will have to find them all to unlock the archival achievement and discover new details about the game's plot.

An important thing to know is that it will not be possible to collect all messages before mission 15, where you will collect the level 3 access tuner. After this point you will have access to all areas, so you can collect the first 8 messages of the boatswain all in the mission 16 in free mode: forget about the main objective and dedicate yourself to collecting messages.

Use the 4 stations (Lorenz Systech Spire, Sevastopol Scimed Tower, Solomon's Habitation Tower e Engineering) and elevators to get you from one point to another. Remember that as you collect the messages they will be saved and marked on the map, and thanks to the names assigned to each of them it will not be difficult to understand which ones you are still missing.

The last 2 messages can be found in the mission 17. Watch the video below showing where to find all the Nostromo messages and don't forget to check out the Alien Isolation cheats and guides tab for other helpful guides on this game.

This is the timeline that indicates the 10 messages each with the minute of the corresponding video where you can see its exact position.

#1 - Seegson Communications (001 An Initial Report) - minuto 0:05
#2 - Lorenz Systech Spire (003 Delayed Pick-Up) minuto 0:38
#3 - Gemini Exoplanet Solutions (008 Antarctica Control will get Our Call) minuto 1:01
#4 - Lorenz Systech Spire (002 Science Officer Reporting) - minuto 1:50
#5 - Sevastopol Scimed Tower (004 Overworked and Underpaid) - minuto 2:32
#6 - San Cristobal Medical Facility (005 System Check went Okay) - minuto 3:19
#7 - Seegson Synthetics (006 The Secondary Load Unit) - minuto 4:10
#8 - Engineering (007 Finishing Up Here) - minuto 4:48
# 9 - Mission 17 (009 Health Checks) - minute 5:33
# 10 - Mission 17 (010 Nostromo Report Packet) - minute 6:08

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