Goal Guide / "Top-of-the-Line!"

Guide to Scoring Top in FIFA 15 [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


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Goal Guide / "Top-of-the-Line!"

Let's face it right away, more than skill here is a matter of luck. For scoring top in FIFA 15 in fact, a particular combination of keys is not needed, but more than anything else it is important that the player is far enough away from the ball when you kick, so that he can only get there with his toe, in fact !.

Given the nature of this result, I recommend continuing to play as much as possible before fully dedicating yourself to him, in fact it is very likely that he will come by himself randomly. If you just can't make it, play a friendly match and edit the opposing team's settings (as shown in the first video) so as to make them weak and have a clear way to the door for your attempts. As already mentioned, the best way to create the conditions useful to achieve the top goal is to stretch the ball by dribbling the goalkeeper, or kicking just before reaching him, in order to anticipate him at the last second.

Lightly press the shot button and nothing else (no running, precision shots, etc). Check out a couple of examples in the videos that follow (in my opinion the most effective is the first) and consult the FIFA 15 cheats and guides tab for other useful guides on this game.

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