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Let's see how to complete all the fighter challenges of The Amazing Spider-man 2.

Goal Guide / Wrestler Trophy

The Arcade game of The Amazing Spider-man 2 to complete to unlock this achievement there are 12 in total. To start the challenges you need to interact with the arcade cabinet located in the Stan's Comic Book Store (indicated with the blue book icon on the map).

The cabinet becomes available after completing the first few missions, while challenges unlock as you progress through the campaign. Each challenge consists of facing 4 waves of enemies, if you die you have to start all over again.

Tips for completing the challenges

Although the challenges are not too difficult (if you play at the lowest difficulty everything will be the same, but you will suffer much less damage) it is advisable to commit to complete them only at the end of the game, when you have costumes and skills enhanced to the maximum (follow the guide to earn xp easy to do first). Also remember to use the healing skill between waves, do it by pressing the directional crose at the bottom.

I close by proposing a video showing how to complete all the challenges. Good luck

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