Google Play Services Won't Update, How To Fix

Things are fine as long as our smartphone performs well… then we start cursing it. Even if the problem is small, smartphones are such a vital part of our life that the problem seems to be huge. However, some issues are important, such as when Google Play Services doesn't work as expected. And, because of that, other apps don't work either. When you open them, the error "This app will not run unless you update the Google Play services" is displayed.

For the uninitiated, Google Play Services is a pre-installed system app that helps update apps from the Play Store. It also works as a framework for Google and its apps on your device. So if there is any problem with gaming services, it could be reflected in other apps as well. And in the end you end up having an overall bad experience with your Android phone.

Now to fix the problem, you need to update the Play Services. But how is it done? What if it doesn't update? To solve the problem, we present 7 solutions that will help you solve the Google Play Services updates problem. Let's begin. 


Words aren't enough to explain the power of a simple reboot. So, without thinking twice, restart your phone and check if that solves the problem. You will be surprised how this simple process solves many problems.


Typically, the Google Play Services update runs automatically in the background. Sometimes, it may fail if the storage space on your phone is full. This is the area you rarely look at, so check if you have any free space on your phone.


So, make sure the date and time on your phone are correct. To do this, follow these steps:

Step 1: open the settings on your phone and go to System.

Step 2: tap Date and time. On the next screen, enable Automatic date and time. If it's already enabled, turn it off and re-enable it.


This is a well-known method of solving the update problem. All you need to do is clear the cache of the Play Services and Play Store. If the problem persists, it also deletes the data. Don't worry, clearing the cache or data won't remove the apps or they will delete the data from your phone. However, clearing the Play Store data will restore the default settings. To clear the cache and data from Play Services, follow these steps:

Step 1: open the settings on your phone and go to Apps / Application manager.

2 pass : Under All apps or system apps (if available), search for Google Play Services. Touch it.

Step 3: Tap Storage and hit the Clear Cache button. Do the same with the Google Play Store.

4 pass : restart the device. If the problem persists, tap Clear data / storage (as shown in step 3) on the Google Play Services and Play Store.


It is possible that you or someone else using your device may have accidentally disabled Google Play services while fiddling with settings. In this case, the Play Services will not be updated. To fix this, you need to enable services.

For that, follow steps 1 and 2 of the above mentioned cache cleanup solution. Then, on Play Services, tap Enable. Only if it is disabled, you will see the Enable option; otherwise, you will see Disable. Once enabled, restart your phone or tablet and Play Services will automatically update in the background. So, wait for a while and then try using the problematic app.


Yes, don't be surprised. You should uninstall other apps if there is a similar problem. Since Services is a system app, it cannot be uninstalled. This is where deactivation comes in. To disable, follow steps 1 and 2 of the Clear cache method, for example go to Settings> Apps> Google Play Services. Here tap on Disable. If it is disabled, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Settings and go to Security. It is available as Security & Location or Screen Lock & Security or Security.

Step 2: tap the device administrator or device administration apps. Sometimes, it is present under the Advanced option.

Step 3: Turn off Find my device.

Step 4: go to Google Play Services under Applications. You will now be able to disable.

After disabling it, wait a few moments and then re-enable it. This should reset Play Services to factory settings and help you fix the problem.


Many times resetting the app preferences also helps to fix the Play Services updates issue. To do this, go to Settings> System> Reset options. Tap on Reset app preferences. This will not erase any data, but will restore the default settings.


If disabling seems like a difficult task, try uninstalling its updates. To uninstall Play Services updates, go to Settings> Apps> Google Play Services. Tap the three-dot icon in the top right corner and select Uninstall updates. After uninstalling them, give them some time to update.


There are two ways to update Google Play services: from the Play Store and manually.

Update from the Play Store

If you search for Google Play Services on the Play Store, you will rarely see the app. However, open it through the link and you will be directed to its page. Tap Update (if available).

Manually update Play Services

For this, you need to download the Play Services APK file and install it manually. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Download the latest version of the Google Play Services APK file from a trusted source like

Step 2: tap the downloaded file to install it. You will be asked to give permission to allow third party apps to install other apps. Allow and install Play Services.

Step 3: restart your phone and the problem will be solved.

If the problem persists, download an older version of the app instead of a new one. The update procedure will be slightly different on phones running MIUI.

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