Guide romance with Sybil

Bound by Flame - Come sedurre Sybil [PS4-360-PS3-PC]


In some ways Bound by Flame looks like the Mass Effect of the middle age, and as well as its space counterpart of Bioware also in BBF we have the opportunity to flirt with fellow adventurers. We leave with Sybil.

Guide romance with Sybil

First of all I remember that in this game it is possible to complete the love story only with characters of the opposite sex to yours. In general, you will have to complete the secondary missions related to the character you want to flirt with, plus other tricks that we will see below.

Important: for the guide to the other love stories and for all the guides on this game do not forget to consult the tips and tricks of Bound by Flame.

Seducing Sybil will unlock the result "Erudite Love". To do this you will need:

- complete the secondary mission: "Safari with Sybil"
- complete the secondary mission: "Orphan"
- complete the secondary mission: "The Frozen Library"
- complete the secondary mission: "Timid request"
- complete the secondary mission: "A damsel in distress"
- kill the creator's concubine with Sybil in your party

if you have difficulty with these missions follow the solution to the secondary missions. Good luck!

If you are not afraid of the SPOILER, below you can see the video of the cut scene that closes the romance with Sybil

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