Guide to find bonuses

Beyond Two Souls: Bonus Guide [PS3]


Let's help Aiden find all the collectible bonuses di Beyond Two Souls in the new adventure imagined by Mr. Cage.

Guide to find bonuses

The bonuses to be collected are 22 in total. These collectibles can only be collected with Aiden and only by finding them all is it possible to unlock the Trophy "scout: you have found all the bonuses ".

To check your progress, you can access at any time in the "Additional content" menu and then in "Bonuses". Here you will find the list of bonuses in the order they appear throughout the story. The last two bonuses do not have to be collected, but are automatically unlocked after completing the final chapter of the story.

Below is a video showing where all the bonuses to collect are located. If you have skipped any of them, remember that you can always replay the relevant chapter from the "replay chapter" menu. As soon as you collect the bonus the game will automatically save your progress, so there is no need to go to the next checkpoint.

Remember to consult the sheet Beyond Two Souls cheats and guides for other guides on this game.

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