Guide to open the lockers

Guide to open all lockers and rewards of The Evil Within [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


How do the Evil Within lockers open and what do they contain?

Guide to open the lockers

Surely you have also noticed the closed lockers in Sebastian's shelter. In total there are 45 lockers (18 on the left, 27 on the right) and each contains a reward that appears to be unlocked totally randomly. In the lockers you will find a bit of everything: ammo of various types, packages of 5000 or 7000 experience points, syringes and even other keys to open other lockers.

The order, as already mentioned, is completely random and changes from game to game, while the keys can be transported from the first to a New Game +. But let's get to the queen question:

where are the keys to open the lockers?

Follow The Evil Within's locker key guide to find them all without hassle.

In total there are 46 keys in the game. Most are found in the Goddess Statues, some you will find in small boxes, while the last two are found randomly by opening the lockers. To get the keys kept in the statues, you have to break the statues using the melee attack on them, or by shooting with weapons or throwing objects at them (eg a bottle).

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