Guide to thugs with bombs

Batman Arkham Knight: Thugs Guide with Bombs [PS4 - Xbox One - PC]


Let's take stock of these collectible details of the game.

Guide to thugs with bombs

Continuing with the series of guides dedicated to Batman Arkham Knight collectibles, let's move on to thugs with bombs which are in total 6! Finding them all won't be overly difficult if you are careful to interrogate the Riddler's informants who are highlighted in green. Thanks to the information extracted from the Riddler's henchmen, the location of the trophies and other collectibles will be revealed on the map, thus making the task of finding them much easier.

These attackers are ready to sow panic in the city, you must stop them with an electrically charged batrang shot. Finding them together with all the other collectibles, you will need to complete the challenges and be able to take the Riddler. Some of them are located in areas that can only be reached by using particular gadgets that are unlocked later in the game, so, if you really want to get them all, it is advisable to try it after beating the game and unlocking all the gadgets.

Below I report the videos showing where to find all 6 thugs with bombs, remember to consult the Batman Arkham Knight cheats and guides tab for other useful guides on the other collectibles in the game and beyond.

Bleake Island = 3 bombe, watch the video to see where to find them all

Miagani Island = 3 bomb, watch the video to see where to find them all

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