Guide to upgrade the EXO to the maximum level

How to fully upgrade EXO in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


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Guide to upgrade the EXO to the maximum level

In Call of Duty Advanced Warfare the Exo has a maximum of 22 upgrades, divided into 11 areas each with 2 slots to upgrade. The first slot in each area costs 1 development point, while the second requires 2.

To earn development points you must complete the exo challenges which are divided into 4 groups:

  • Killings
  • Head shots
  • Kills with grenades
  • Collectibles

Continuing to play the campaign you should have no difficulty in completing the challenges related to kills, during which you can also safely collect all the collectibles and earn the relative development points (follow the guide to the collectible information of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare for more help ).

To quickly upgrade your EXO you will therefore have to focus particularly on killing with grenades and headshots, otherwise you may never get these development points. When shooting, always aim for the head, and always use all grenades at your disposal.

You will probably still lack development points at the end of the game to earn with grenade kill challenges. Remember that it is possible to complete these challenges by replaying any mission from the chapter selection menu, but be careful!!!, your progress on challenges will only be saved upon completing the mission. For this reason, for grenades in particular, the "Acceleration" mission is recommended, which is very short and after the section in flight presents an area full of crates of ammunition that you can complete by killing enemies only with grenades.

By also looking at these development points, you can then reach the maximum level of the EXO. Don't forget to consult the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare cheats and guides tab for other useful guides on this game.

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