How to delete Android virus in an easy way

You have been ripped off by an Adware, now you need to know how to detect and eliminate Android viruses, don't worry, find all the info below. Mobile devices are not immune to being attacked by viruses, which is the number one enemy of any mobile.

One such virus is Adware, so in this article we are going to talk about how to detect and remove Android Adware virus on your Android phone via this very simple method. Viruses on Android are rare, but they do exist.

In this article, we will tell you how to check your Android's security settings and uninstall a malicious app. Before we begin, it's important to point out that your phone or tablet probably doesn't have a virus.

It is possible that your device displays an advertisement encouraging you to download an app to allegedly get rid of a virus on your mobile (don't click on it) or your phone is simply slow. However, it is not certain that it could be Android malware!

What is adware?

It is free software created to publish advertisementsIts goal is to constantly display (unwanted) advertisements that motivate users to buy, read or visit sites where they offer tips, discounts, make quick money, among other things.

The adware aims to hijack your mobile device for collect information on websites that you visit regularly; in order to use this information so that third parties send you advertisements that may interest you with great persistence.

But there are adware that they can steal your information bank accounts, passwords and other personal data, putting your privacy at risk. Furthermore, the way this virus works can serve to infect your mobile phone with malware.

Adware can infect your mobile phone in two ways, through the browser or through the applications you download. These exploit security holes to sneak into your mobile phone's operating system. This virus usually arrives via free applications.

How to avoid viruses? With an Android anti malware.

  • Authorizations and suspects. Does a weather app really need to have access to your contacts? If in doubt, do some research on the Internet before installing a program.
  • Updates, always. Check that your Android is up to date by going to Settings → Phone status → System updates.
  • Antivirus and more. Having an antivirus on your Android isn't essential, but it can give you some peace of mind. Antivirus applications often have additional functions: performance, anti-theft, etc.

When a virus infects your mobile device, it starts showing signs that something is wrong with your system, so you should be aware of the signs it shows you. These are some of the signs:

  • A mysterious icon may appear on the home screen.
  • The notification bar is constantly blocked; because it is bombarded with a large number of ads.
  • See advertising on sites where it shouldn't appear; for example, outside the infected application or on the lock screen.
  • The links you want to visit send you to other different websites.
  • Il system slows down.
  • Unwanted applications are installed on your mobile device.
  • The battery runs out quickly.

How to remove Android virus

One of the options you have available to eliminate Android malware is install an antivirus for Android mobile, but you need to make sure this antivirus has a good reputation. It is best to download it from a reputable website, as if you download an infected antivirus, it may contain other viruses that can damage your device.

Another way to remove Adware is manually, using the safe mode installed in the Android operating system. This is what you should do:

Restart the mobile in Safe mode to stop running installed apps. (This is a temporary protection measure installed by the Android operating system; to remove Android viruses and solve problems affecting the computer, without the need to delete the information).

Then click on “Applications” and “Downloaded applications”. In this step, you can check the apps you installed before a problem occurred on your device.

Uninstall any apps that have problems. If the "Uninstall" button does not appear, go to "Settings", "Security" and then "Device administrator" where a list of active apps will be displayed, if the app is there, click "Deactivate".

If you can't uninstall the ap or nothing worked, you will have to reset the settings di factory of your mobile.

Before going on with factory reset of your Android phone, try this very effective application that eliminates viruses from Android.

Tips for avoiding adware on Android

  • Install an antivirus: this tool will help detect any threats that your android device may be undergoing and at the same time be attacked.
  • Download apps from reputable stores like the Google Play Store.
  • Read carefully the permissions granted to apps
  • Don't accept or open suspicious links.

Although adware was created for the benefit of a third party, it can be harmful to your mobile phone. Well now that you know how to detect and remove Android malware via our simple guide, you might read on how to remove viruses from Android without factory reset.

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