How to duplicate items in Fallout 4

Fallout 4: trick to duplicate items, infinite skill points [PS4-Xbox One-PC]


Discovered a glitch that allows duplicating objects in Fallout 4

How to duplicate items in Fallout 4

A glitch has just been discovered that allows you to duplicate anything present in your inventory in Fallout 4. Obviously, as always happens in these cases, it is certain that with the next patch on the game the glitch will be corrected, so updating the game in all probability it will no longer be possible to use it.

The trick is very simple as well can be used as soon as the Dogmeat dog is found (For help on how and where to find it, follow the Fallout 4 companion guide). Proceed as follows:

1) choose the object you want to duplicate from your inventory and discard it to make it fall to the ground;
2) order Dogmeat to collect the item for you;
3) when you see that the dog lowers his head to pick up the object, press the button to pick it up too;
4) in this way a copy of the object will go into your inventory (the one you have collected) and after 2-3 seconds the dog will drop the second copy.

Duplicate object !!! All shown in the following video:

Of course, you can do it with anything: items that come in handy like syringes and ammunition, valuable items that you can resell to earn money and even "You are SPECIAL" magazines that get you points to unlock talents. This way you can have infinite skill points to maximize the character's Perception, Strength, Charisma, Luck, Agility, Intelligence and Constitution abilities and unlock related talents.

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