How to fix "No service" or "Seeking" error on iPhone

Today with this tutorial we will see how to fix "No service" or "Seeking" error on iPhone. If you have recently updated your iPhone and find yourself facing the “No service” or “Seeking” problem, this article will help you solve it.

Even if you haven't updated your phone's firmware and are still facing this problem, it's possible solve the "No service" or "Seeking" problem, following the steps mentioned in this article.

The error "No service" or "Seeking" on the iPhone it can arise due to various reasons. The causes are two or it is the fault of your phone or the operator you use. In this article we will see how get rid of the “No service” or “Seeking” error on the iPhoneunable to make or receive calls on the iPhone.

How to fix No Service Error on iPhone? The “No Service” or “Seeking” problem can be solved without taking your iPhone for service. Just follow the steps below to know how to fix "No service" or "Seeking" error on iPhone, without spending a euro.

How to fix "No service" or "Seeking" error on iPhone

1. Check the SIM

The first thing you need to do is check if the SIM card is inserted correctly or not. Remove the SIM card and insert it again carefully.

Sometimes, the SIM is not cut properly, this is the main cause of the “No service” or “Seeking” error on the iPhone or bad reception. You need to make sure that the SIM card has been cut correctly and that it has been inserted correctly into your iPhone.

If you can't connect to the cellular network, make sure cellular data is active on your iPhone by going to Settings> Mobile. Also, if you are traveling, make sure that data roaming has been activated by going in Settings> Cellular> Data Roaming.

2. Update the operator settings

The phone receives new settings from the carrier from time to time such as network, calls, cellular data, messaging and other carrier settings. You need to update your settings whenever new settings are available. To do this, follow these steps.

  • Make sure your iPhone is connected to the Internet. (Use WiFi)
  • Go in the Settings, Then Generali and select Informazioni su.
  • If an update is available, a message will be displayed, from there you can install the update.

If you still haven't solved the "No service" or "Seeking" error on your iPhone, continue reading the article.

3. Airplane mode

If you are still getting the no signal error and this problem suddenly came out of nowhere, then you should remove the SIM card and insert it again.

Then, turn on airplane mode, wait a few minutes, then turn it off. This may solve the problem. If you don't fix the problem on the first try, turn on Airplane Mode and then turn it off for a couple of times, this will help you fix no service on your iPhone.

4. Reset your network settings

If the problem is still not solved then we can try resetting the network settings of the device. To do this, follow the steps below. Make sure your SIM is working in another phone before moving on.

  • On your iPhone, go to Settings.
  • Now, tap on the option General.
  • Tap on Restore and select "Reset Network Settings".

Once the settings are reset, the network should be available on your iPhone. This is by far the best solution.

5. Use iTunes to restore

Some users have had luck with the iTunes feature in resolving the No Service error on iPhone without downgrading to an older firmware. To do this, just follow the instructions below.

  • Connect your iPhone to your computer or Mac with the latest version of iTunes installed on it.
  • Choose the option Restore from iTunes.
  • Restore the most recent backup on your iPhone.

6. Try a Hard Reset

When we talk about an Android smartphone or iPhone, most of the problems can be solved by performing a hard reset. If you haven't fixed the network problems on your phone yet, then you should try resetting the iPhone as it came from the factory. That's how:

  • Press and hold the Home button and power button on top of the phone at the same time.
  • Hold the buttons down until your device does turns off and then starts restarting.
  • When the Apple logo on the screen let go of the buttons.

You have successfully performed the hard reset on your iPhone.


I'm pretty sure that the “No service” or “Seeking” error on your iPhone has resolved it using one of the methods above. However, if the network error is still not resolved, then you just need to do one of the following.

  • Downgrade the firmware on your iPhone to an earlier version.
  • Go to an Apple store for assistance.
  • Alternatively, contact your carrier's support and find out if it's up to them.

These listed above are the methods on how to fix the “No service” or “Seeking” error on iPhone. I just hope I helped you solve the problem.

If you have any problems understanding the guide let me know in the comments below.

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