How to install IPTV on LG Smart TV

How to install and configure IPTV on LG Smart TV? IPTV means Internet Protocol Television which helps us to watch live channels or movies on the Internet. IPTV Player is available for all devices such as smartphones, computers, tablets and even smart TVs.

Configure IPTV parental control

By reading this article it will be possible for you install IPTV on LG Smart TV. The IPTV app is available on the Google Play Store. Below are the steps for install IPTV on LG Smart TV.

From today you can finally watch all the channels you want on your LG TV, yes, because with the installation of IPTV you open your TV to a new television experience. IPTV is a program that allows you, often without paying a single euro, to watch programs (no pay tv) which concern foreign Spanish televisions.

But let's see in detail how to install IPTV on your LG Smart TV. Until recently this app could be downloaded from the Spanish Smart TV store but now it is only possible to download it from stores in other European countries.

How to install IPTV on LG Smart TV

  • First we need to open the TV menu and change the location (country) of LG services.
  • Click on Menu and find the voice Country (Lease) in the section Generali.
  • Now we need to change the geolocation of the TV. Following this procedure will be very simple to do.
  • From the remote control click on Country LG Services.
  • Select Germany, San Marino or one of the European countries with the same time zone as ours (so as not to bust the EPG)
  • Click on ok and exit the settings.
  • Now you can safely click on the icon Store LG and install SmartIPTV.
  • To load the IPTV list on the application just go to the site:

Please note that the application does not contain any lists already loaded.

Is IPTV Illegal?

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