How to Record Windows 10 Desktops Without Programs

In this article, we will talk about how to record Windows 10 desktops without programs. Today we will see how to record videos of what you do in Windows 10, without the need to install any specialized programs. We'll be using the Windows 10 Game Bar instead, which we talked about a couple of days ago, when we explained what Game Mode is.

What is Windows 10 Game Mode and what is it for?

Microsoft has decided to avoid the details when describing the implementation of Game Mode in Windows 10. Essentially, it is a mechanism by which the operating system can detect when you are playing by allowing you to record PC screen in Windows 10 and make sure to be able to allocate more resources to it and restrict other applications and services that are used in the background.

Your computer has a number of available resources (processor, memory, graphics card, disk write…) that you need to share among all applications and games running at the same time. With Game Mode, Windows give the game a higher priority and reduces its priority over the rest, even by pausing services that are not strictly necessary.

Game mode should be intended as a first step in making Windows 10 more attractive to gamers. It is closely related to the game bar, a bar that includes other tools such as the ability to record PC video and stream your games, optionally including audio and video from your webcam.

How to Record Windows 10 Desktops Without Programs

As the name suggests, the Game Bar is intended for use in games, but nothing prevents you from using it with any other application. Its tools are always available, including the screen recording tool. Well, Windows 10 now saves you all the dirty work thanks to its Xbox Game Bar. 

1. Open the game bar

As we said, we will not use any external application, but rather we will rely on the game bar, a toolbar with utilities for the players, such as game mode, video recording or live broadcast. To open the game bar, press the Windows and G keys at the same time on the keyboard.

Windows 10 automatically detects when you are in a game, and if not, you must first confirm that it is a game by selecting Yes, this is a game. Check the box to open the Game Bar.

2. Activate the microphone if you wish

By default, video recording in game mode records the screen and audio of the game, that is, Windows. If you are recording a tutorial and want to tell aloud what you are doing, check the box first Record with microphone.

3. Launch the registration screen in Windows 10

You have everything ready to start recording. Press the button of registration. You will see a three second countdown and then it will start recording what you see on the screen. Note that the registration mode is linked to a single application, so it will not register other applications.

4. How to Record Windows 10 PC Screen

During the recording you will be shown a floating window showing the recording time and the controls to stop recording, to activate or deactivate the microphone and to change the position of the controls. After registration is complete, press the button Stop.

5. Look at the result

Once the recording is complete, the Xbox 10 application for Windows will open showing the video you just recorded. Here you can play the video to see how it looks, change its name, reduce its duration or delete it, if you are not convinced.

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