How to rotate a video on PC without programs

Do you know that it is possible to rotate videos on your PC without any programs? Read on to know how to rotate video. With phones becoming more feature-rich, with their premium cameras, it is increasingly difficult today to see someone taking pictures with a digital camera.

Often the mistake is made of shooting a video with the mobile phone holding it vertical; although it seems the most comfortable choice, when you then go to share it on social networks or open it on other devices, the quality is lowered and not a little. How to rotate video on PC without any program in case they were acquired in the wrong orientation?

How to rotate video on PC without any program

 flip a video on your PC without any program, you just need an internet connection and go to this page.

The page is called Rotate video, it will help you to straighten videos on your PC without installing any program. When you enter the page, you need to wait for it to load, then you will be prompted to load or drag-and-drop the video to a specific area of ​​the page. It's important to know that it won't ask you to register or anything like that, just upload the video.

How to shoot a video with RotateVideo

After adding the video you want to flip or rotate, you can see that you have several options to rotate the video. This page is in English and you can translate it if you are using Google Chrome as a browser. In these options you can find, that you can flip or flip your video in different directions.

You have an option to flip video to the right, another option to rotate the video to the left, another option that will allow you to position the video horizontally. And finally an option that will allow you to place your video vertically. If you wish, you can try all the options with your video, until you get the perfect orientation.

The way to use this page is extremely simple, it doesn't take much time. It's also free, it won't ask you to register, much less download it to your computer. In addition to solving the problem you had with yours flipped videos.

To give your video its final orientation, you just need to select the option Transform videoonce the video is placed in the correct position. In this way, the transformation will start, you just have to wait for the end of the operation. This may take a few minutes, depending on the size of the video.

At the end of the transformation, you just need to click to download the video to your PC. This will start the download, you just have to search for your video on your computer and play it. You will see that yours video has been rotated easily on your PC without using any program.

In this way we have how to flip a video using very powerful software, without downloading or paying to have a useful program for flip or rotate a video on your PC. I hope you are interested in reading how to make a video with photos and music for free.

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