How to unlock Venom Carnage on Fortnite

The US rapper Eminem sang * "Venom, adrenaline momentum" * in his song dedicated to the film "Venom" by Ruben Fleischer in 2018. This phrase goes well with the adrenaline-pumping gameplay of the Battle Royale video game genre and in fact these two worlds at the end have joined as the Marvel character has come up Fortnite.

How do you say? You know it very well and you are here precisely because you are curious to find out how to unlock Venom Carnage on Fortnite. I understand you very well, on the other hand impersonating such a charismatic character can be particularly interesting, even only on an aesthetic level. That said, don't worry, you've come to the right place.

Below you can find all the indications that will lead you directly to your goal. I can assure you that the tutorial won't take you long to complete successfully, so take some time off and keep reading. There is nothing left for me to do, except wish you good reading and have fun!


  • Preliminary information
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Preliminary information

Before explaining to you how to unlock Venom Carnage on Fortnite, I think it may interest you to deepen the context in which the well-known Marvel character landed within the title of Epic Games.

Well, you must know that 2021 is the year of the release of the film Venom - Carnage's Fury by director Andy Serkis. The character in question, therefore, has returned to the center of attention. To be precise, the well-known Marvel character has arrived inside Fortnite with the launch of Season 8 of Chapter 2, which began in the morning of 13 September 2021 (Spanish cast).

The latter was preceded by a final event of Season 7 of Chapter 2 of Fortnite, called Operation: Skies of Fire. Held starting at 22pm on September 00, 12, the short "adventure" saw players come "Captured" by aliens. Between the return of Kevin the Cube it's a destroyed map, the twists are certainly not lacking.

Following the event there was a countdown that lasted over 12 hours, which allowed Epic Games to carry out all maintenance of the case and then release the Season 8 of Chapter 2. In short, Venom arrived at a time when Fortnite is particularly "active".

In fact, the Season 7 of Chapter 2, which has been staged a little throughout the summer, has seen the arrival of many novelties. To be clear, among the skins that landed on Fortnite during Season 7 there are those of Will Smith in the Bad Boys version, Ryan Reynolds in the Free Guy version, Rick Sanchez of Rick and Morty, LeBron James, Cammy and Guile of Street Fighter and J Balvin. There was also the arrival of the Ferrari 296 GTB.

If we think instead of Marvel characters, there was the landing of Loki. Also several present DC Comics characters, from Wonder Woman to Superman, passing through Batman. In short, Season 7 of Chapter 2 of the Epic Games title was full of interesting content and even Season 8, despite arriving at a time when students are returning to class, aims to guarantee multiple hours of fun.

In any case, the Venom skin certainly represents the "spearhead" of the launch of Season 8 of Chapter 2, as it was highlighted since the first day.

I would say, therefore, not to waste any more time and take action. Before going into the details of the procedure for obtaining the character, however, I would like to point out that, generally, this type of skin remains available for limited time within the Epic Games title.

It is therefore important follow this guide in the right amount of time, that is, during the Season 8 of Chapter 2 (the deadline is set at December 5 2021), in order to correctly get the skin.

How to unlock Venom Carnage on Fortnite

After having explained the situation to you in general, I would say that it is time to actually point you out how to get the Venom Carnage skin on Fortnite.

Il requirement necessary in order to access this "costume" is to have the Season 8 paid Battle Pass of Chapter 2, that is the system that allows to obtain 5 stars every time you level up (the stars can then be used for unlock rewards). This means that you have to go through the V-Buck, that is, for the internal game currency of Epic Games.

Remember that the latter can be obtained either through the Battle Pass rewards same, therefore also in a free way, that through micro-transactions, that is, by spending real money. Generally in the first case it is possible to access a limited number of V-Bucks (especially with the free Battle Pass, while the paid one can potentially provide a good number by leveling up), while in the second case it is possible to choose between different packages.

More precisely, it starts from 7,99 euros per 1.000 V-Buck and you get to 79,99 euros per 13.500 V-Buck. There are also other packages, namely the one from 2.800 V-Buck (19,99 euros) and the one from 5.000 V-Buck (31,99 euros). Clearly, the payment system in this case varies according to the platform you usually play from, but usually just setting a valid payment method and complete the transaction. For more details, I recommend you take a look at my guides on how to get V-Buck on Fortnite, how to pay on PlayStation Store and how to shop on Fortnite for PS4.

In any case, the Battle Pass of Season 8 of Chapter 2, necessary to be able to get the Venom skin, is proposed in two variants: the basic one from 950 V-Buck and the one with 25 levels included da 2.800 V-Buck. To get the Battle Pass, once you have the right number of V-Bucks available, just move to the section BATTLE PASS, present in the main screen of the Fortnite Battle Royale mode, then pressing the button GET BATTLE PASS.

By doing so, the possibility of obtaining the Battle Pass will appear on the screen. All you have to do is make your choice between the button PURCHASE, which will then allow you to choose whether to opt for the basic version from 950 V-Buck using the key CONFIRM PURCHASE or if for the variant from 2.800 V-Buck via the button CONFIRM AND ADD 25 LEVELS, or the key JOIN THE FORTNITE CREW.

In fact, we must not forget that this possibility is also available. In case you don't know, paying 11,99 per month you can subscribe to a subscription, Called Fortnite Crew, which allows you to get the Battle Pass of the current Season, 1.000 V-Buck al mese and other exclusive benefits (e.g. a monthly Crew package, typically these are additional cosmetic items).

In any case, once you have obtained the Fortnite Chapter 8 Season 2 Battle Pass, you will meet the fundamental requirement to obtain the skin on Venom Carnage. In this regard, you must know that this "costume" appears in the page 10 of the Battle Pass, which is the last. Put simply, you can think of it as the final reward of the Season.

In this context, you will have to play a good number of hours on Fortnite to actually succeed in reach the page where Venom Carnage is present. More precisely, the 10 page unlocks once obtained 90 rewards linked to other pages or once the level 90 of the Battle Pass.

However, this is not enough to get the Venom Carnage skin. In fact, before you can spend the 9 stars required for the release of the "costume", it turns out It is necessary to unlock, again through the stars, all the other rewards of page 10. Put simply, you have to play a lot to actually get the skin, but now you know how (I remind you in any case that you can "get help" from micro-transactions if you want, so speed up all, but you have to spend real money in that case).

However, you should know that there are not a few players who usually manage to reach the "end" of the Battle Pass of a Fortnite Season without spending a penny, but simply by playing. In this context, if you started delving into Season 8 of Chapter 2 of the Epic Games title from the beginning and you usually come back to Fortnite often, you have a good chance of succeeding (maybe while also attempting to make wise choices about rewards to unlock with the stars).

How to use the Venom Carnage skin on Fortnite

If you have successfully unlocked the Venom Carnage "costume" in the Epic Games video game but you don't understand how you can use it in a common game of Fortnite, this part of the guide is the one for you.

In this case, after obtaining the Venom Carnage skin, simply go to the main page of the game relating to the mode Battle Royale, move to the tab LOCKER I will select l '"costume" icon (i.e. the first one located at the top left).

By doing so, you will be able to select the skin on Venom Carnage, by pressing on the appropriate box. After that, when you step into one Partita linked to Fortnite, you will do it as the iconic Marvel character. In short, the procedure to follow is very simple: just remember to press the button SAVE AND EXIT before returning to the menu.

For the rest, since you are interested in the Epic Games video game, I would like to advise you to consult the page of my site dedicated to Fortnite. In fact, the latter contains a good number of other guides related to the title, which could come in handy during your raids related to the Battle Royale mode.

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