Killzone 3 Trophy List [PS3]

Killzone 3 Trophy List [PS3]


Here is the Trophies list for Playstation 3 of Killzone 3

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Ready for Battle
Initial weapon training phase completed.
On your face
Brutal Melee first move performed.
No Witness
Destroyed all the ships on the road.
Killed 40 or more Helghast Infantry soldiers on the Beach.
Destroyed all chasing APC SawBlades in the Senlin Beach section.
Smoking Wrecks
Destroyed all Helghast tanks in the Senlin Beach section.
Turn the Perspectives
Killed a Capture Trooper using Melee.
Blunt Personality
Killed a Helghast by shooting a Burster plant.
Destroy everything using the minigun on Intruder
Quick Exit
Get off the second tanker within 2 minutes.
Destroyed all glass panels in the Stahl Arms laboratories.
To locate
Killed the Heavy Vehicle using the StA-14 rifle.
Evening falls on disparities
Kill 500 Helghast.
Hunter with Cage
Uccidi 10 Helghast with Brutal Melee.
Torn apart
Kill 3 Helghast with a Frag Grenade.
One Each
Shoot and kill 3 Helgasts using pistol or shotgun without reloading or switching weapons.
Eagle eye
Shoot and Kill 6 Helghast using the Sniper Rifle without reloading or switching weapons.
Top strength
Used the Boltgunn to pin a Helghast to an explosive object.
Close and Personal
Use a Brutal Melee move against another player.
Team play
Enter and Complete a match as part of a team.
Revitalize a friendly player for the first time.
Man on hand
Fixed an object for the first time.
Now You See Me
Killed another player while turning him.
Spy Game
Killed another player in disguise.
Torba War
Capture a Rebirth Tactical Point for the first time.
Now it is Personal
Kill 1,000 Helghast.
Fight to the Last
Kill 1,500 Helghast.
Killer of the Closed Quarters
Uccidi 25 Helghast with Brutal Melee.
Hand to Hand Master
Uccidi 50 Helghast with Brutal Melee.
Completed the Campaign on Elite Difficulty.
Grand Slam
Won a match in Operation, War Zone and Guerilla modes.
Collect all Killzone 3 trophies.


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Time for a dip
Reached the Corinth River with the convoy.
Save the Intruders
Successfully provided support for Arc APC takedowns.
  Mai Qui
Sneak through all the Helghast in the Jungle without warning each of them.
Get contact with the Earth.
Air Superiority
Killed 5 Helghast when flying using the Jetpack.
In the Burrow
Reached the car with the cable and gained access to the Stahl Arms South.
Open Prison
Freed Narville from Stahl Arms South.
Get Down and Stay Down
Shot down an ATAC outside the Stahl Arms.
Destroyed all 4 Helghast Icebreakers and all 6 Ships.
Take control of the Mobile Factory.
Throw it down
Shot down the MAWLR while defending the Space Elevator.
Destroy every destructible weapon on the MAWLR during an Intruder's walk and fly phase.
It dazzles and wears out
Used a StA5X Arc Cannon to kill 3 Helghast with one shot.
Excessive Strength
Used WASP's secondary fire characteristic to kill only one Helghast.
Spreading Love
Killed 5 Helghast at a time using secondary fire from the WASP Rocket Launcher.
Double Problem
Reached the Corinth River in Co-op mode.
Stranded Together
Reached the Extraction Point in Co-op mode.
Man of Steel
Killed a player using the Exo in a multiplayer mode.
Let's go home
Destroyed Stahl's Cruiser and abandoned the planet on any difficulty.



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