Lego Hobbit: guide side missions

Lego Hobbit: guide side missions


In Lego The Hobbit there are a large amount of side missions scattered around Middle-earth (there are 50 in total) and we will have to complete them all if we want to reach 100% completion of the game.

In general, these are not difficult missions, but here are some tips to complete them all without major problems.

I recommend finishing the campaign first, because some side missions can only be completed thanks to the skills of particular characters that are unlocked later in the game (see guide to unlockable characters). On the map, missions are highlighted with the "?" gray / red.

You will also need all the Mithril bricks and all the projects (see the relative guides in the Lego: Hobbit cheat sheet) to create the particular weapons required for the completion of some missions by the blacksmith. Remember that some characters have more than one mission, so after completing one always check the map to see if any others appear. Not only that, keep in mind that some missions can only be completed at certain times of the day. In this regard, I recommend taking a look at the guide to change the time of day.

One final clarification: it seems that one of the side quests is buggy. It's called "Hide and Seek once more" and it's located in Lake Town. To unlock it, you must first complete the "Hide and Seek" mission in Bree. Sometimes, when you complete this mission, it appears immediately and without even playing the brick in Mithril which should unlock at the end of the next mission. If it happens to you too, play and complete the mission anyway, it will be counted along with the others.

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