Lost Planet 3 - Trophy List + Hidden Trophies [PS3]

Lost Planet 3 - Trophy List + Hidden Trophies [PS3]


Here is the list of Lost Planet 3 Playstation 3 Trophies

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum



Armed and dangerous
Purchased the first weapon upgrade
You purchased the first upgrade to the Rig
Lost log
You found a log
Avid reader
You found 50% of the logs
History lesson
You found a relic
First sampling
You sampled an Albino Tarkaa
It was a triumph
You have won a multiplayer match
You are the best ... ALWAYS!
You have won all the Scenarios
As if it were the first time
Awarded when you get your first stealth kill in a multiplayer match.
Dangerous transport
Delivered the Heat Energy canister 2 times in a multiplayer match in the Outpost scenario.
Get out of my way
Killed 20 Wardeye in Akrid Survival Multiplayer in the Research Lab.
The maximum
Delivered the Heat Energy canister 3 times in a multiplayer match in the Alpha Refuge scenario.
Scorched earth
You destroyed the satellite network
Get a kill on Battlecat
Delivered the Heat Energy canister to win a multiplayer match in the Quarantine scenario.
Big Bang
You have unlocked a cell of the Sphere
Full campaign
You finished the game on any difficulty
King of the columns
You have placed all the thermal columns
Purchased all weapon and rig upgrades
You have unlocked all of the Bestiary
Master archivist
You found all the logs
Murderous instinct
You finished Kovac's missions
Lost but not forgotten
You found all the relics
Master hunter
You have sampled all the Albino Tarkaa
The habit of winning
Won 25 multiplayer matches
Let's make it right
You have unlocked 30 cells of the Sphere
Extreme conditions
You finished the game on Hard difficulty
You have unlocked all the cells of the Sphere
EDN III unveiled
Unlock all trophies.


Lost Planet 3 Secret Trophies

A little help
Laroche saved you
You have your Rig
To the rescue
You defended Laroche
Empty nest
You have emptied the first thermal column
Hero of the day
You secured the tie rods
Hanging by a thread
You saved the trapped scientists
My first thermal column
You have placed the first thermal column
You have restarted the parable
What ...
You have found a mysterious structure
Lightning strike
You killed a G-category with the Rig.
Medicine man
You delivered the medicines
You opened the armory
You stopped the Akrid infestation
Deep inside
You defended the platform
Who sows wind ...
Collected storm signals
The King is dead
You killed the King Crab
Fill it up, please
You have restored the Fuel Depot
Living legend
You discovered Nushi
Excuse the French
You have defeated Laroche
Fallen hero
You saw the Coronis fall
Tender heart
You stopped Isenberg forever
Lost items
You found out what happened to the lost mercenary

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