Mass Effect 3 - All Secrets and Easter Eggs [360-PS3-PC]

Mass Effect 3 - All Secrets and Easter Eggs [360-PS3-PC]

After the authentic avalanche of guides dedicated to Mass Effect 3, the time has come to deal with the numerous secrets and easter eggs that can be encountered during the campaign. Get comfortable, let's go!

The space hamster Boo
As shown in the video below, in the Normandy use the elevator to go to deck 4. In one room you will notice a very nice hamster running from side to side. Try to get it (it won't be easy) and then go back to your cabin to find a cage where you will keep your new friend.

Garrus and James are bullies
On the crew deck you can watch a funny curtain between Garrus and James who bully each other like two stupid bullies. Watch the video (English)

Ashley completely drunk
After the mission related to the Geth servers in the crew deck you can find Ashley on the floor in the throes of a massive hangover. Talk to him and you will have a laugh. Watch the video (English)

Tali raised her elbow too
Watch the video (English)

Mordin still sings
Yes yes, and what a performance! Watch the video (English)

The Garrus and Joker joke
After the mission on Tuchanka related to the genophage, you will be able to witness this curious dialogue between Garrus and the Joker aboard the Normandy. Watch the video (English)

Don't touch that computer !!!
During the Krogan Female mission to Surkesh, you will land at the Salarian Research Facility where you will meet a security team captain.
Taking a look around you will find a scientist working on a computer console on the right. Interact with his computer, and don't stop to enjoy his increasingly angry reaction as he keeps telling you not to touch the computer. Watch the video (English)

Tali and Garrus pinched together
After taking Tali and Garrus aboard the Normandy, if you don't start a love affair with either of them you may come across a private encounter between the two aliens in Garrus's room.
You will have the chance to catch them in this scene after completing the missions on Tali's home planet.
As soon as you enter you will find them in compromising attitudes and they will do everything to make you believe that it is not what it seems.

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