Mass Effect 3 - Tips for Winning Gold Games Online [360-PS3-PC]

Mass Effect 3 - Tips for Winning Gold Games Online [360-PS3-PC]

If you are aiming to complete the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer co-op missions at the highest difficulty level (GOLD) we have some useful advice for you.

First of all you need to try to find reliable people to play with. At least two other people who can do it can be enough, but playing with 3 other players is of course ideal.

If you have no one to play with, know that random matches in matchmaking inevitably give you at least a 50% less chance of succeeding in the enterprise, given that in facing such demanding games, coordination and communication are essential. If you really can't find friends to play with, try to send a message to other players found in the random games, trying to find other people like you who are interested in tackling the highest difficulty with commitment.

Once you have a decent group of at least two other experienced players, here are a few tips that might help you with that.

The first thing to have is the Infiltrator Quarian, which is an "uncommon" character card (refer to our guide to online unlockables). Buying some Recruit Packs and some Veteran Packs you should be able to get it without major problems. The basic configuration for the group should in fact be two Infiltrator Quarians and two others of any class, the important thing is that they are good in the chosen class (I still recommend the Engineers who are ideal for providing support). For all of them the level should be at least 10 or so.

Make the enemies geth so that the Infiltrator Quarians can sabotage them and make them fight each other. The map is not important, as each map typically has at least one good defensive position.

Keep practicing with a similar setup and the results shouldn't be long in coming.

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