Metal Gear Rising Revengeance - All Secrets and Easter Eggs [360-PS3-PC]

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance - All Secrets and Easter Eggs [360-PS3-PC]


Secrets and curiosities of Raiden's new adventure in Metal Gear Rising Revengeance.

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance also offers us a series of easter eggs that we have collected below, have fun.


Still pretty posters
Those familiar with the Metal Gear series will not be surprised at all. In Mission R-03 we find two, in R-05 another, the posters with an intellectual background are never lacking. Watch the video

Cowabungaaaaaaaaaaa (bunga)
But what did they know in the eighties, when the ninja turtles depopulated with their cry "Cowabunga" which in 2012 would have stolen the scene from a ninja dwarf with the motto "bunga bunga"? Oh well, in mission R-02 when Raiden saves the boy attacked by the Cyborgs, the young man starts whistling a song, and it is precisely the reason for the Ninja Turtles. Watch the video

Secret code
Ninja, Cyborg, international conspiracies, could some secret code be missing that unlocks something? Of course not, read the dedicated guide if you dare to know more.

Raiden e Solid Snake
This may sound like bullshit (can you say bullshit on the internet?) But I'm sure everyone who played the old Metal Gears will get goosebumps listening to this conversation with the codec. To hear it, call Kevin with the codec as soon as you start mission R-01. Go through the first enemy ambush, enter the building, talk to Boris and then call Kevin again. Raiden will talk about his past, but when this ends remember to call Kevin again, this time we will talk about the legendary Solid Snake. In this video you can see and hear everything in English.

Easter Eggs nel tutorial
Those funny Konami guys were born on purpose to create easter eggs, and they also hid them in the game's tutorial. Watch the video

The Ninja Cat
I have no words, I am truly speechless. Look here and get ready to break up with laughter.

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