Metro Exodus - Guide: How to keep Duke, Alyosha and Demir alive

Metro Exodus, third installment of the videogame series developed by 4A Games (Deep Silver, Koch Media) is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The complex plot that governs the events narrated in the game, linked to the player's decisions, it will lead to the survival or death of some allies. Do you want to keep them all alive? Follow our guide!

Metro Exodus is the first chapter of the series in which the fate of allies can be determined, more or less directly, by the choices made by the player. Here are our tips for keeping alive Alyosha, duke e Iron, but before, an advice: If you have the ability to stun human enemies, do so. The same goes for the secondary missions (mainly focused on saving other people). Whenever possible, avoid arguing with other humans.

Well, let's get to the point! To keep alive ...

  • Duke: Do not kill any of the members of the Cult in the Volga. Take a stealth approach when you escape the church, steal the boat and enter the cult leader's base.
  • Damir: Help the slaves in the Caspian Sea (to save them, complete the side missions). Stun the enemies when you, along with Damir, are looking for water (don't kill any of the slaves). It will also be necessary to save the slaves held captive, in cages. Finally, you'll need to get Giul's photo, which you can find inside the bunker.
  • Alyosha: In Taiga do not kill any enemy armed with crossbows. It is absolutely essential to act in silence, without being seen, in full stealth style. Your acting in the shadows will allow the girl not to take damage.

Remember to save your progress continuously. Sometimes it's hard to avoid killing a few characters, even if you didn't intend to. Having all 3 characters on your team will give you the chance to get the Trofeo relative.


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