Mortal Kombat Trophy List [PS3]

Mortal Kombat Trophy List [PS3]


Here is the Trophies list for Playstation 3 of Mortal Kombat



Complete 50% of the story mode.
Reward commitment
Complete the tutorial mode.
Perform a fatality!
Para this!
Perform a 10 hit kombo with any kombattente.
The grapple
Do the forward and backward throws of each fighter.
Where is the arcade?
Complete Arcade Skalata with a Kombattente.
Master of the rock
Complete Arcade Skateboarding on maximum difficulty without having to continue.
Do not jump!
Win an online ranked match without jumping.
What is this button for ???
Complete the Skalata Arcade without blocking (but you can continue).
Cool guy!
Win an online game.
I robot regnano!
Win the Skalata duo arcade with the robots Sektor and Cyrax.
Cyber ​​challenger
Complete 100 online matches.
Get a Flawless victory in an online match.
I will teach you respect!
Get 1000 respect points in King of the Hill matches.
Unlock 50% of the Krypt.
Licence to kill
Complete the Fatality Workout.
Total respect!
Get 2500 respect points in King of the Hill matches.
Projections from samples
Perform 8 throws in an online ranked match.
Land every X-ray attack available to every Kombatant.
A real fortune
Collect all MK Dragons in Luck Test.
I could be the best
Complete all Test of Strength challenge minigames.
Complete all Test Attack Challenge minigames.
These are not my glasses!
Complete all the Reflex Test minigames.
Tower apprentice
Complete 25 tower missions.
Run and hit a team kombo.
Back in time...
Complete 100% of the story mode.
Arcade Champion
Complete the Arcade Skateboarding with all Kombatants.
Don't leave things unfinished!
Perform a Fatality with all usable Kombatants.
The competitor
Complete 200 Challenge matches (online OR offline).
Win 10 consecutive online ranked matches.
Win 100 online matches in total.
Keeper of the Krypt
Unlock 100% of the Krypt.
We will see the blood!
Pour 10000 liters of blood.
Only one will remain!
Win 10 consecutive King of the Hill matches.
Win both rounds by running out of timer in an online ranked match.
It's not over yet!
Return with less than 10% health in an online ranked match.
What a style!
Unlock all alternate costumes.
My Kung Fu is strong
Master 1 kfighter
Master of the tower
Complete all tower missions.
My Kung Fu is stronger
Master all kombattenti.
Platinum Trophy
Collect all trophies.

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Cold fusion
Unlock the "Cyber ​​Sub-Zero" hidden combatant
The best alternative!
Unlock Mileena's third alternate costume
Run 1 "ality" of each type
Finish it?
Perform a hidden finishing move of any Kombatant
Quan Chi!
Unlock the hidden kombattente "Quan Chi"
Did you find me!
Discover and fight with the hidden kombattente 1 in arcade skalata
Hide and seek
Discover and fight with the hidden kombattente 2 in arcade skalata
Pit Master
Discover and fight with the hidden kombattente 3 in arcade skalata
Brotherhood of Shadow
Discover and fight with the hidden kombattente 4 in arcade skalata
Final humiliation
Perform the hidden finishing move of all kombattenti

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