Objective Guide / Medal Trophy

Batman Arkham Origins: Predator Challenges Guide Original Ranked Maps


In Batman Arkham Origins there are a total of 12 predator challenges for the original ranked maps, let's see how to complete them all.

Objective Guide / Medal Trophy

Obtaining 3 medals for each of these 12 challenges unlocks the achievement "Medal: Earn every medal: maps in the original Challenge mode (with Batman)". These challenges become available automatically as you progress through Batmab Arkham Origins story mode.

Before leaving you to the list of videos that show how to complete all the challenges, remember that some of them require special gadgets, otherwise it is not possible to get the medal. For this reason it is advisable to finish the game and buy all upgrades for Batman before attempting to complete the challenges.

Here are the videos with the solution of all the original ranked map challenges

Predator Challenge 1 - Breaking In (1: 12.51)

Predator Challenge 2 - Easy Money (1: 14.83)

Predator Challenge 3 - Checking Out (1: 05.90)

Predator Challenge 4 - Quiet Waters (1: 15.99)

Predator Challenge 5 - Wrecking Crew (2: 09.97)

Predator Challenge 6 - Hard Time (1: 40.63)

Predator Challenge 7 - Breaking In EXTREME (1: 34.82)

Predator Challenge 8 - Easy Money EXTREME (2: 06.76)

Predator Challenge 9 - Checking Out EXTREME (1: 28.82)

Predator Challenge 10 - Quiet Waters EXTREME (1: 15.05)

Predator Challenge 11 - Wrecking Crew EXTREME (2: 00.36)

Predator Challenge 12 - Hard Time EXTREME (2: 00.73)

NOTE: the EXTREME version of the challenges is unlocked by overcoming the challenges of the campaign.

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