Payday 2: guide to weapons and masks to unlock [360-PS3-PC]

Payday 2: guide to weapons and masks to unlock [360-PS3-PC]


It is undeniable that strategy and teamwork are the fundamental aspects in Payday 2, but the effectiveness of your arsenal at your disposal is something that cannot be ignored especially in the most demanding missions, where the power of the weapons used can make the difference. difference between success and failure.

Unlike weapon mods that are unlocked randomly by drawing cards at the end of each mission, weapons are unlocked as you progress through the game as your reputation level rises (in this guide we suggest a good farming method, a trick for level up and earn money quickly and easily).

Here is the list of weapons that can be unlocked in Payday 2 with the required level and the amount to spend to buy them.

Primary weapons

AMCAR Rifle   Level 0 - cost $ 10,800.
CAR-4 Rifle   Level 4 - cost $ 43,200.
AK Rifle   Level 4 - cost $ 43,200.
UAR Rifle   Level 8 - cost $ 94,500.
Reinfield 880 Shotgun   Level 8 - cost $ 94,500.
AK.762 Rifle   Level 16 - cost $ 203,400.
JP36 Rifle   Level 16 - cost $ 203,400.
M308 Rifle   Level 26 - cost $ 349,200.
IZHMA 12g Shotgun   Level 26 - cost $ 349,200.
AK5 Rifle   Level 33 - cost $ 454,500.
AMR-16 Rifle   Level 39 - cost $ 547,200.
Mosconi 12g Shotgun   Level 39 - cost $ 547,200.
OVE9000 Saw   Requires Handheld Saw skill - cost $ 10,800.

Secondary weapons

Chimano 88 Pistol   Level 0 - cost $ 10,800.
Crosskill Pistol   Level 3 - cost $ 20,700.
Mark 10 Submachinegun   Level 3 - cost $ 20,700.
Bernetti 9 Pistol   Level 7 - cost $ 68,400.
Bronco .44 Revolver   Level 7 - cost $ 68,400.
Compact-5 Submachinegun   Level 13 - cost $ 162,000.
Locomotive 12G Shotgun   Level 13 - cost $ 162,000.
CMP Submachinegun   Level 19 - cost $ 246,600.
Para Submachinegun   Level 19 - cost $ 246,600.
Krinkov Submachinegun   Level 29 - cost $ 394,200.
STRYK 18c Pistol   Level 29 - cost $ 394,200.
Deagle Pistol   Level 36 - cost $ 501,300.
Kobus 90 Submachinegun   Level 36 - cost $ 501,300. 


How to unlock masks in Payday 2

The discourse of the masks, on the other hand, is slightly more complex. By continuing to play and drawing cards at the end of each mission, models, colors and materials are unlocked in a completely random way. These can be used only once to create custom masks at a set price (which varies from time to time as each player can get bonuses that lower these prices.)

The point is that finding these masks or pieces of them is such a chance event that it sometimes becomes very rare. In fact, some players report that they have reached level 50 and have never caught a mask or a sample of the cards with the cards, so much so that many begin to ask for a patch to solve this "problem". Others, on the other hand, claim to have caught one the very first time they drew a card. It therefore seems to be a mere matter of KIULO.

All that can be done is therefore to indicate a list of the masks discovered to date, good luck in fishing!

Templates Masks
SkullGuy Fawkes (Anonymous Mask)
The Jaw
Greek tragedy (3 faces)
Hoskey Mask (Jason)
Anarchy mask

Have you found something different? Feel free to use the comments to post photos of your mask.

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