Portal 2 - Easter Eggs and secrets

Portal 2 - Easter Eggs and secrets

The secrets hidden by Valve

Portal 2 also has its fair share of Easter Eggs and secrets. As usual we have collected them for you in this article. If you want, you can delight in finding them too, in your game.

Singing tower
In test chamber 16 you will find a turret inside a ventilation grille on the right after the elevator. Jump over to get the "refraction cube" and use the laser to destroy that turret. The grate will open and you will be able to enter, finding 4 turrets that sing! The song is really hilarious, you can listen to it in the following video (as well as see the procedure just described)

The singing turrets
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The secret room in room 17
As soon as you enter test chamber 17 in chapter 3, look at the black wall in the upper left. There is a retracted slab and it is possible to pass by using a portal on the Lightbridge. Behind the slab lies a mysterious secret room filled with goblets.

Cave Johnson's Secret Monologue
In the first test chamber, after discovering the white gel, if you stay in the chamber for a long time (about 10 minutes or so), Cave Johnson will reveal secrets about Caroline and GLaDOS in a long monologue.

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