Roblox Promo Codes

If you belong to the Roblox community and are looking for the new coupon codes, you are in the right place. Redeem all the codes offered by the platform and fill your inventory with incredible rewards.

We know that there are a large number of websites and applications that offer free Roblox codes in exchange for performing certain tasks. While the idea sounds tempting, the truth is that none of these sites are trustworthy.

Therefore, it is important to know that the only ones authorized to provide promotional codes are the administrators of Roblox Corporation and the developers within the system.

Having clarified these points, come and find out where to find the Roblox codes, what they are for and which ones are available to redeem. Join us!

How to fix Roblox keeps crashing?

What are Roblox promo codes and what are they for?

Promo code or so-called Roblox codes, are combinations of letters and numbers, created only by Roblox developers and administrators.

The main function of these promo codes is to grant the player rewards such as: free robux, shirts, pants, pets, accessories, items, skills, powers and more.

In turn, they are designed to reward user loyalty, be it corporate celebrations, brand promotion, or special gifts within each server.

Each of them has an expiration time or one date of expires, so you should be aware of every update and be among the first to redeem rewards.

Where to find them?

The way to get these coupon codes it's very simple, just stay connected and follow Roblox's official accounts or social networks, especially the twitter platform. Or visit our page constantly, since we will update the list every month.

How are promotional codes used?

Once you have a valid promotional code in your possession, the next step is to redeem it and thus be able to enjoy your reward. To apply, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your account Roblox, from any browser.
  • Enter the Roblox promo codes page.
  • Select a code from our list and paste it into the box, then click "Redeem" And that's it.

If the promotional code is valid, it will show an approval message and the prize will be immediately placed in your inventory. You can use these rewards whenever you want, they are non-transferable and last forever.

  • quintillion
  • billion
  • spooky
  • Galaxy
  • 3000speed
  • 3hours
  • SimulatorGame
  • TofuuTurtle
  • Testing
  • OldGame
  • EliteCity
  • Portal
  • Christmas

Free Roblox Promo Codes Updated July 2021

Many codes have come to light since the launch of Roblox and as you know i promotional codes they have a fairly short life. Here we show you the most updated to date:

  • ROBLOXEDU2021 - Redeem this code to get the item Dev Deck
  • SPIDERCOLA - Redeem this code to get the item Spider Cola Shoulder Pet
  • TWEETROBLOX - Redeem this code to get the item The Bird Says___ Shoulder Pet

Roblox Bacon Simulator Code List (up and running)

  • update22 - Redeem code for coins and power-ups 
  • update21 - Redeem the code for 100 coins and 50 gems
  • 100k visits - Redeem a code for 15k gems
  • 4.0kfavs - Redeem a code for 3.5k gems and 5k coins
  • cookieboy - Redeem a code for the pet Cookie
  • gravycatman - Redeem a Gravycat pet code
  • mayruhart - Redeem a code for the Mayrushart pet
  • flamingo - Redeem the Flamingo pet code
  • russo - Russian pet redemption code
  • jeeffblox_yt - Redeem the Jeff Pet code
  • Rick - Redeem Rick's pet code
  • cro - Redeem code for 500 gems
  • BugFix - Redeem a code for 2,5k gems and 2,5 coins
  • fashion - Redeem a code for 500 coins
  • 100likes_code - Redeem a code for 5k gems
  • 500code - Redeem a code for gems
  • tofuuyt - Redemption code for a Tofuu pet
  • release - Redeem a code for 500 coins

Available, but only obtainable on Mansion Of Wonder

  • ParticleWizard - Redeem this code to get the item Tomes of the Magus shoulders
  • FXArtist - Redeem this code to get the item Artist Backpack
  • Boardwalk - Redeem this code to get the item Ring of Flames waist
  • ThingsGoBoom - Redeem this code to get the item Ghastly Aura waist

Available, but only obtainable on Island of Move

  • StrikeAPose - Redeem this code to get the item Hustle Hat 
  • SettingTheStage - Redeem this code to get the item Build it Backpack 
  • DIY - Redeem this code to get the item Kinetic Staff
  • Worldalive - Redeem this code to get the item Crystalline Companion 
  • GetMoving - Redeem this code to get the item Speedy Shades 
  • Victory Lap - Redeem this code to get the item Cardio Cans 

Roblox Wisteria Codes (Resources)

  • ! DemonAppearance - Redeem this code to restore the appearance of a daemon 
  • ! HaoriReset - Redeem this code for a Haori restart 
  • ! BreathReset - Redeem this code for a breath reset
  • ! BDAReset - Redeem this code to restore the Art of the Blood Demon
  • !NichirinColor - Redeem this code for a nichirin color restoration
  • !HairDrip - Redeem a code for hair and eye renewal

Roblox Tower Heroes code list (up and running)

  • ODDPORT - Free skins and stickers
  • THSTICKER - Free stickers
  • 2020VISION – Skin streamer gratuito
  • Cube Cavern - Free skin from Wiz SCC
  • HEROSXBOX – Skin de Xbox Libero
  • pixelbit - 20 coins

Roblox Anime Fighting Simulator Code List (up and running)

  • 2millionsingRoup! - 20.000 fragments of Chikara
  • 1billion visits! - 75.000 fragments of Chikara
  • emperorstar - 5.000 fragments of Chikara
  • chickennewcode - 1.000 fragments of Chikara
  • kelvin600k: Redeem this code for Chikara Shards
  • secretrazorfishcode - 2.000 fragments of Chikara
  • Emperorinlive - 2.000 fragments of Chikara
  • Defildpromo - Shards of Chikara
  • mrrhino50k - 2.000 fragments of Chikara
  • medtw50k - 2.000 fragments of Chikara
  • emperor100k! - 5.000 fragments of Chikara
  • bigboi100k - Shards of Chikara
  • anotherbugfix - Shards of Chikara
  • thanksbugfixes - 2.000 fragments of Chikara
  • sub2kelvin- Shards of Chikara
  • subtodefieldplays- 1.000 fragments of Chikara
  • ENGLISH- Shards of Chikara
  • sub2hakimbo - Chikara Shards
  • 10klikeswow - 400 Yen
  • ty41milvisits - 200 Yen
  • defildstream - 2.000 fragments of Chikara
  • emperorsubs - 1.000 fragments of Chikara
  • defildian - 1.000 Yen
  • GGgames40k - Chikara Shards
  • merrychristmas - Chikara Shards
  • chicken2yen – 500 Yen:
  • lastyearcode750k - Chikara Shards
  • subtofrangoforchikara - Chikara Shards
  • GoodByeBugs - Chikara Shards
  • defild700k - Shards of Chikara
  • Tiger200k - Shards of Chikara
  • sub2emperormaxi - Shards of Chikara
  • rename - Shards of Chikara
  • defild - Shards of Chikara
  • n1colas2sub – 1.000 gettoni Chikara
  • tigrehaveyen - 500 Yen
  • tigretv2sub - Shards of Chikara
  • tigretvsub – Gettoni Chikara
  • subfrango – Chikara Cards
  • L3NI - Shards of Chikara
  • subn1colas – Chikara Cards
  • xSubemperadormaxi – Chikara Cards
  • Sub2tanqr - Shards of Chikara
  • sub2tplanetmilo - 500 Yen
  • subtomrrhin - 500 Yen
  • sub2razorfishgaming - 500 Yen
  • subtokelvingts – 500 yen

Codes for Blox Fruits

You have to click on the Twitter icon, once you have pasted the code and finally click on "Enter". These are the promotional codes Blox Fruit most updated:

  • 15 minutes of double experience: UPDATE11
  • Double experience of 15 minutes: SUB2NOOBMASTER123
  • fudd10
  • Double experience of 15 minutes: Sub2Daigrok
  • Double experience of 15 minutes: axiore
  • 15 minutes of double experience: Tantai Gaming
  • Double experience of 15 minutes: STRAWHATMAINE

Codes for Restaurant Tycoon 2

  • Get 15 diamonds: newmap2020
  • Get 15 diamonds: bored
  • Get a dolphin: ocean
  • Get 25 diamonds: teamtrees
  • Get 250 money: razorfishgaming

Roblox Skywars code list (up and running)

  • sword - Redeem a code for a sword
  • Witch - Redeem the code for a witch skin
  • Monster - Redeem the code for a Monster skin
  • Vampire- Redeem the code for a vampire skin
  • Werewolf - Redeem code for a werewolf skin
  • Mummy - Redeem code for a Mummy skin
  • Santabot - Redeem the code for a Santabot skin
  • penguin - Redeem the code for a Penguin skin
  • polar bear - Redeem the code for a Polar Bear skin
  • icegolem - Redeem the code for an Ice Golem skin
  • ice knight - Redemption code for an Ice Knight skin
  • ice queen - Redeem the code for an Ice Queen skin
  • golden dragon - Dragon Appearance Redemption Code
  • zombies - Redeem code for zombie appearance
  • skeleton - Redeem the code for a skeleton skin
  • Monster - Redemption code for a monster skin
  • Frankenstein - Redeem the code for a Frankenstein skin
  • sword - Redeem the code for an iron sword
  • ghost - Redeem a code for a potion
  • sparkles - Code to redeem a potion
  • snowman - Redeem a code for a snowman skin
  • korblox - Redeem a code for an armor skin

Roblox Arsenal code list (up and running)

  • GARCELLO - Redeem for a garcello skin, a garcello kill effect and an emote
  • ROLVE - Redeem the code of the fanboy skin
  • POG - Redeem a code for $ 1.200
  • BLOXY - Redeem a code to get free money
  • bandites - Redeem a code for the Bandit announcer voice
  • EPRIKA - Redeem a code for Eprika announcer voice
  • FLAMINGO - Redeem code for Flamingo Announcer Voice
  • JOHN - Redeem code for John Announcer Voice
  • KITTEN - Redeem code for Koneko Announcer Voice
  • PET - Redeem code for PetrifyTV Announcer Voice
  • ANNA - Redeem Anna Skin's code
  • F00LISH - Jackeryz skin redemption code
  • CBROX - Redeem the Phoenix Skin Code
  • POKE - Redeem the code for Poke skin

Codes for Bee Swarm Simulator

  • Mocito100T
  • red market
  • cubly
  • 5mMembers
  • Buoyant
  • Temporarily increase bag capacity: BigBag
  • 500 thousand
  • BeesBuzz123
  • clubbean
  • ClubConverters
  • Discord100k
  • GumdropsForScience
  • marshmallow
  • SecretProfileCode
  • Sure
  • Teespring
  • Wax
  • Wink
  • 5.000 honey: Buzz
  • 5.000 honey: Nectar
  • 5 tickets: 38217
  • 5 tickets: bop master
  • 5 tickets: Cog
  • 5 tickets: Connoisseur
  • 5 tickets: Crawlers
  • 5 tickets: Roof

Don't get depressed if any of the codes are out of date, as every week we will update the listings e we will reveal constantly the last promotional codes Roblox available and expired. In the meantime, you can share these Roblox coupon codes on your favorite networks.

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