Saints Row IV (4): Audio Recordings Guide [Whole Story]

Saints Row IV (4): Audio Recordings Guide [Whole Story]


Among the various collectibles present in Saints Row IV we find the audio recordings. As in many other games (Doom, Bioshock, Transformers) the events that form the background to the story are revealed with files that contain recordings of voices that reveal new and curious details on the main plot.

Finding all the audio recordings will therefore allow you to learn more about the events that revolve around this new crazy chapter of the game, but also to unlock the Trophy / Objective:

The whole story -Find all Recordings.

There are 39 records to be found in total, 3 per character, for 13 characters. The registrations are not all available from the start, they will appear in their place as you progress through the campaign.

Audio recordings are highlighted on the map if you have Matt's Collectible Finder (read the Cluster guide to find out how to get it). The last set of audio recordings appear after completing Kinzie's Loyalty mission (see Loyalty mission guide).

Here are some videos showing exactly where all Saints Row 4 audio recordings are located

Audio Recordings (1 to 10)

Audio Recordings (11 to 20)

Audio Recordings (21 to 30)

Audio Recordings (31 to 39)

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