"Shady trees forest" puzzle guide / walkthrough

The Witness: guida puzzle "Foresta" (Shady Trees Forest) [PS4]


Let's see how to complete all the puzzles of this area of ​​The Witness.

"Shady trees forest" puzzle guide / walkthrough

In the video that you find at the bottom of the guide you can see how to solve all the puzzles of the "Shady trees forest" level of The Witness.

By completing all the puzzles in this area you can activate the relevant laser and unlock the Trofeo "Shady trees - Activate the Shady trees Laser".

The Witness is the new adventure game from the author of the award-winning Braid, Jonathan Blow, based on the exploration and solving of puzzles and set on a mysterious island apparently deserted but full of unique technological structures and architectures.

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