Skyrim - Curing vampire disease [vampirism cure]

Skyrim - Curing vampire disease [vampirism cure]

Healing is possible, here's how.


First of all I want to ask you a question: are you really sure you want to cure yourself? I ask because vampirism also brings so many extra powers, if you don't believe it take a look at our guide to vampirism.

If, on the other hand, you want to return free and happy and enjoy the sunlight, follow this guide.

As already explained in the vampirism guide there is a high chance of contracting the disease when you are hit by a vampire. In the first three days from the infection, the disease is treated with a common healing potion, but after 3 days this becomes permanent and you will become vampires in all respects. In this case, the procedure to cure it is a little more complex.

How to cure "comclamata" porphyria
First of all know that to alleviate the harmful effects of vampirism that we have described in the guide cited above, you just have to wait until it is night to have the chance to suck some blood from other characters (you can only do it while they sleep), they go well even the beggars you find on the street. But beware, drinking blood will take you to the first stage of the disease, but will not cure it permanently. To do this you will have to complete the dedicated quest.

To find the quest that will definitely cure you, try to talk about the subject with the host of some inn or bar. He will tell you that a man named Falion is studying Vampires. The quest "Rising at Dawn" will start, which is the one that cures the disease.

You will need a "Black Soul Gem" (if you don't have one you can purchase it from Falion) which must be filled with souls using the "Soul Trap" spell. You can find this spell at merchants who deal with magical items. If you don't have the magical ability necessary to learn the spell then you can solve it by buying a scroll with this spell.

Once the "Black Soul Gem" is filled, return to Falion to complete the ritual. I have good news for you: you are cured of vampirism.

I conclude by offering you a video where the quest we are talking about is shown. Happy Skyrim everyone!

Skyrim - the quest to cure vampirism
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