The best ball games

Ball games are very popular in the Play Store for the Android platform. Undoubtedly the video games they have had a big weight in the last 10 years are the colored ball games for mobile, the mechanics are simple and at the same time compelling enough for the general public.

The genre has reconverted in recent years, with this coming free ball games very different in which in addition to throwing a ball we could perform other different tasks. If you haven't played it yet, it would be great for you to consider this long list as there are plenty of ball games available.

Bubble shooting games are mostly free for mobile phones, so you shouldn't have to pay anything to play it. If you are not sure which one to choose, we offer you a list of the best free bubble shooters for your smartphone with Android operating system.

The best ball games

Free ball game list

1. Smash Hit - Ball games

  • Download the game from here

It is one of the most sophisticated free ball games in the ball games category, Smash Hit plunges us into a futuristic world in which we will have to move the ball to the rhythm of the music. There are a total of 50 different rooms with quite different levels and in which we have to advance if we want to change rooms.

The ball game has exceeded 100 million downloads in 2019, today it is already one of those recommended once we search for »Ball Game« in the search engine of the Play Store. Smash Hit becomes one of the recommended games for young and old looking for a game of this type.

It is compatible with any Android phone from version 2.3 or later, so it will work on any later version. It's free and offers in-app purchases like most video games accessible in the Google Store for their software.

2. Red Ball 4

  • Download the game from here

Red Ball 4 is probably one of the free ball games, which enjoys a lot of sympathy from users, jump and bounce in 75 challenging levels full of adventures. He overcomes a series of truly insidious traps and defeats all the bad guys.

It has 75 levels, all different and with a lot of imagination, if anything stands out in Red Ball 4 it is its very successful graphics. The levels have a great soundtrack and are enough to keep the planet as it is, we also have to finish the boss in the levels.

Red Ball 4 performs quite well with the touch screen, although the developer also assures that with an Android compatible controller it can be played comfortably. It has more than 45 million downloads and is compatible with Android 4.0.3 or higher than the one mentioned.

3. Shoot Bubble Pops

  • Download the game from here

If you like bubble shooting games, this is the title you were looking for, since Shoot Bubble will allow us to collect three balls of the same color so that they explode. If the screen is complete we will lose, so you will have to pop as many of it as you can by merging the colors.

It is one of the simplest free bubble shooter games of the ball games, despite this it is one of the ones that hooks thanks to the fact that each level will be more complicated, so if you pass the level they will go faster each time. It has more than 300 puzzle levels, so you will have many hours of gameplay.

Shoot Bubble already has over 100 million downloads, today is a favorite of the entire android community thanks to the high score received. It works on all Android devices with version 1.1 or higher, as it doesn't require a lot of hardware.

4. Love Balls

  • Download the game from here

After trying Love Balls we can say that it is one of the funniest free ball games, we will have to make lines or figures to slide the balls. Ingenuity is important if we do not want to suffer the loss of one of the balls that have to pass as if it were a slide.

Each time we pass the level, the difficulty will increase, the former offer a level simple enough to learn the mechanics of the Love Balls game. The balls have their own face and personality that is different from the rest of the titles in the Google Play Store.

More than 100 million downloads in the Play Store, it is suitable for all ages, you also need to add points to be able to share it with your friends. It is a free game that will catch you once you start playing it and you will want to finish it completely.

5. Helix Jump

  • Download the game from here

It is one of the very easy ball games to play, the ball must go on slides created in the shape of propellers, the more you advance, the harder it will be to see them reach the end. The mazes will increase the difficulty to put us in a hurry.

The mazes will change color to spice up the game, while it will be time to make adjustments to the ball so that it reaches the bottom safely. Visual effects are its best engine, plus the more than decent graphics created by the developer behind this video game.

More than 100 million users have already tried this popular free game, being a favorite among users, as it has a rating of 4 out of 5. Helix Jump requires version 4.4 or later to work, as it requires some processor and GPU performance.

6. New and Free Bubble Shooter - Bubble Shooter Game

  • Download the game from here

In Bubble Burst Ball Games you will be involved in a journey to rescue pets with the mother panda bear a bear trapped in colored balls. The free bubble shooter game has a puzzle mode where you can shoot the ball on the map on the screen and rescue all the pets that are currently trapped in the balls to move on to the next level.

In enoless mode you will play the classic of throwing the ball, having to shoot the balls, but don't touch the external cables to avoid losing. The game has more than 100 attractive puzzles and challenges, the interface is pretty subtle with pretty nice characters.

The popping bubble game is easy to play, but you need to get 3 stars for each level, shoot 3 or more bubbles of the same color to make it explode. You need to have Android 4.1 or later to play this video game which is free in the Play Store.

7. Shoot Bubble Shoot Bubble - Bubble Shooter Games

  • Download the game from here

It is a fairly simple game. And not very innovative, as it's a mechanic we've seen in several free bubble shooter games for years. However, it is probably one of the most addicting ball games for Android that we can find in the Play Store.

Proof of this is that it already has over 100 million downloads. It helps that it is compatible with any Android device, from version 1.1. Playing is completely free and you just have to download it from the Play Store.

8. Bubble Puzzle - Pop bubbles for free

  • Download the game from here

The truth is that users are more and more demanding when looking for free bubble shooter games. We like to have good graphics and a fun design, but we also have users who like games that are simple, with elegant designs and that are not flashy. If you are one of these users and you love Bubble games, now you have a perfect app for you: Bubble Puzzle free.

The first thing we want to highlight about Bubble Puzzle free as a different app is that the design is not full of drawings, colors or other elements that can distract us. The best thing about Bubble Puzzle Free is that it has an elegant and simple design this will allow us to enjoy the game as we like it. 

On the other hand, it is also noteworthy that it has one dynamic like all other bubbles, so the rules are the same and you already know the style of play.

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