"The Creator's Bow" Objective / Trophy Guide

Guide missoni Legend of Azkâr from Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor [PS4-Xbox One-360-PS3-PC]


Let's see how to complete all the missions with the Azkâr legend arc.

"The Creator's Bow" Objective / Trophy Guide

In Shadow of Mordor there are a total of 10 arcade missions covering the legend of Azkar. These missions will unlock as you activate the towers of the forge (guide to the towers of the forge for more help) and although these will be marked directly on the map, you will not be able to start and complete them without first having acquired particular skills (to know which skills they are used for each mission just move around the map by selecting the mission).

Below you will find the list of missions that are part of the Legend of Azkar with a video showing how to complete them all.

See the cheats and guides tab of Middle-earth Shadow of Mordor for other useful guides on this game.


  • A Elbereth Gilthoniel - The Black Road (minuto 00:06 nel video)
  • Swift Mercy - Barrows of Udun (minuto 06:34 nel video)
  • The Eye of Vengeance - Southern Udun Pass (minuto 01:32 nel video)
  • The Storm of War - Southern Black Road (minuto 02:27 nel video)
  • Shadow Under Siege - Durthang Outskirts (minuto 05:13 nel video)

Sea of Nurnen

  • The Spirit of Fire - Cab-Gwanath Bluff (10:25 in video)
  • There is No Escape - Fern Outskirts (minuto 12:26 nel video)
  • Shadow and Flame - Fern Outskirts (minuto 09:29 nel video)
  • The Secret Flame - Thang Talath (minutes 07:16 or video)
  • Jaws of Steel - Nurnen Peninsula (minute 13:26 in the video)
  • Arc of Azkar Bonus Objective - (15:00 minutes in the video)

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