The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild - Oldin Tower Region Mini Challenge Guide

To survive in this region of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild it is good activate the Anti-Flame effect. Along the road leading to the city of Goron Level 1 will suffice, but at least level 2 will be required to go inside the territory. If you want to travel safely, wear the full set of upgraded fireproof armor at least twice to get the fireproof effect.


Talk to Masaki to the South mine, who will ask you to capture 10 Focus Lizards. They are quite common in the mine area to the south, look for them in the rocky areas and ledges. When you see a lizard, approach it by crouching so as not to scare it. Capture more than 10 and then return to Masaki that will give you theFireproof Armoroccia, a piece that protects the chest and guarantees you the flame retardant effect. After completing the mission Masaki will buy the focus lizards at a time for 20 rupees, although it would be preferable to keep them as you will need them for other purposes, in particular to improve armor.


Talk to Hugo in the city of Gorons because he wants you to defeat the Magmarok al Lake Darunia, northwest of the city. Go to the northwest shore of Lake Darunia, west of the island of Chiongra. Freeze the monster with a weapon or ice arrow to cool it down, throw a bomb at it to drop it, then climb onto its back and hit the sweet spot. Repeat until you defeat him, then return to Hugo to receive a silver rupee.


Talk to Kopps, a young Goron who bathes during the day in the Goron Baths, southeast of the Goron City. Its language is not very understandable, however you should understand that there is a hidden treasure somewhere between the Goron Baths and the Bridge of Oldin. If you talk to him while he sleeps you will get another clue. Go to the top of the lava fall in the middle, along the road leading to the Oldin Bridge. There are breakable rocks at the base of the rocky peak. Destroy them with a bomb and you will find a Trivellone in a hidden spot. Return to Kopps to finish the mission.


After completing the maze of Vah Rudania, talk to Ramella, a Gerudo in the city of the Gorons. You need ten Pieces of Amber, which you should already have in your bag at this point in the game. If not, you must destroy the mineral deposits, which are easy to find in this region. When you have the required quantity go back to Ramella who will give you 500 rupees. After completing the mission, Ramella will continue to purchase your gems, ten at a time. The gems he asks for will change but they will be paid more than in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild stores.

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