The Order 1886 - Trophies List + Warm Trophies [PS4]

The Order 1886 - Trophies List + Warm Trophies [PS4]

Here is the list of Trophies for Playstation 4 of The Order 1886

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum



For your eyes only

Kill 100 enemies with a headshot


Pure concentration

Kill 25 enemies in Dark Vision mode


From the belt

Kill 25 enemies without aiming



Kill 15 enemies with melee attacks



Kill 7 enemies with silent eliminations



Kill 75 enemies with a pistol


The hunter

Remove 10 lycan


Extreme daring

Incinerate 15 enemies



Collect all the cylinders for the phonograph


Press review

Inspect all the newspapers


dark room

Inspect all photographs and documents


Spirit of observation

Inspect all items



Stun an enemy 30 times with the M2 "Falchion" rifle


Highly volatile

Detonate 10 barrels of explosives


Precision masterpiece

Kill 5 enemies with a headshot in Dark Vision mode


No prejudice

Kill an enemy with each weapon


Wonders of modernity

Kill 40 enemies with scientifically advanced weapons


Collateral damages

Kill 3 enemies with a single explosion


First-class inspector

Find all objects that can be inspected



Hit a grenade in flight in Dark Vision mode


The Holy Grail

Collect all trophies

Secret trophies of The Order 1886

The knight he was

Complete the game (any difficulty)

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