The Walking Dead Survival Instinct melee weapons guide

The Walking Dead Survival Instinct melee weapons guide


How to unlock The Walking Dead Survival Instinct "Nice Shot" trophy / achievement.

Kill Zombies with any melee weapon.

Place that in a game like The Walking Dead survival instinct killing the Zombies with anything is always the simplest thing in the world, the difficult part to unlock this achievement is understanding what all the melee weapons are and above all where they are.

But, as the great Mike said, twist! Here is a guide to finding all the "melee" weapons in The Walking Dead Survival Instinct.

Please note: the weapons are in different positions. In the list we report only some of the locations where these weapons can be found.

Hunting knife: it is located in Cabot Ridge, after you have taken control of Daryl.

Hammer: it is located on Cabot Ridge right next to Jesse before exiting the back door to begin finding the fuel cans.

Iron pipe: one is in Sedalina right next to one of the squirrels. To get to this location you have to go to the top of the supermarket and then head to the roof, next to Jimmy Blake's location. Go down the ladder and right behind you you will see the lead pipe on the desk. Beware of nearby enemies.

Fire ax: one is located in Danvers, inside the ClaraChem building. When you go up the stairs inside the building and stuck in the wall at the top of the stairs.

Accept: one is located in Taggart behind Charlene's house in the shed. He is on the bench next to the squirrel.

Baseball bat: one is in Taggart inside Charlene's house next to the bed on the floor by the window.

Machete: one is in Fontana inside the freezer behind Noah and Scount. You will need to complete Scout's secondary mission in order to retrieve the weapon.

Work hammer: one is located in Lemon Hill. When you pass through the church cemetery you will come to the shed on the right before arriving at the church itself. The bat is in the shed.

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