The Walking Dead survival Instinct ranged weapons guide

The Walking Dead survival Instinct ranged weapons guide


The guide to finding all the ranged weapons in The Walking Dead Survival Instinct.

In a previous guide we have already seen what all the "melee" weapons of the game are and where they are, today we see in the same way where find all ranged weapons of The Walking Dead Survival Instinct.

Finding all the ranged weapons will unlock the trophy / achievement

Sniper - Kill zombies with any ranged weapon.

In the game, the weapons are located in several places, in this guide we indicate only a few of them. For other guides on this game, consult the cheats sheet of The Walking Dead Survival Instinct.

Fucile Bolt Action: one is located in Cabot Ridge, near the first gas can and ammo pack.

Revolver: one is in Pemberton inside the sheriff's building. If you go down the corridor from where the man is, it will be your first open door, on the left, directly at the intersection of the corridors.

Grenade: one is in Pemberton, in the same place where you find the Revolver

Shotgun: one is found in Pemberton following the primary objective of finding the deputy sheriff. The rifle is on the floor next to the deputy sheriff.

Pistola Hi-Powered: one is in Polksville, after the helicopter detects you and the horde attacks you. You will find it on the left, with a dead zombie nearby.

Double barrel shotgun: one is found in Garwater at the start of the mission. It will be delivered to you by the policeman

Gun: one is located in Cleburne on the top floor of the hospital, on the floor, in front of a barricade with an illuminated "Parking" sign. You will find it right before entering the room with the scientist who is working on the serum.

Crossbow: one is in Barksdale after Merle meets her old gang. You will get it after taking the dagger from the body of a dead zombie and killing another with the bow.

Semi-Auto Shotgun: one is located in Lemon Hill inside the gas station where Merle plays with fireworks. He is on the ground in front of the counter.

Semi-Auto Assault Rifle: one is located in the Lemon Hill Church, right at the foot of the altar.

Assault rifle: one is located at the Firesign Stadium, right in front of the point where you start the mission. You will see a zombie having lunch with a dead cop, the shotgun is behind the ammo box

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